Guide To The Find Perfect Hairbrush: Expertish Recommended Hair Brushes

by Expertish

Do you also grab the first hairbrush you see off the shelf? Just like we don’t use the blush brush to apply eye shadow, hairbrush too have variety. It is designed in various size and shapes to do specific things. Using a right hairbrush improves the health of your hair and effectively styles it too. There seems no limit to different options available in market, it can get a little confusing. Following is a guideline to solve the hairbrush mystery and help you find a perfect hairbrush:

1. Paddle Brush: Works for straight tresses

This is a must have brush for everyone. To be specific, people with straight hair will find this a best suit for their hair. The bristles coming out of the paddle brush are soft and it works great with scalp massages and detangling your hair- wet or dry. The hairbrush cushion is soft and smoothens the straight hairs naturally. Since paddles are made for straight hair styles, they are also used before flat ironing. If your hair straightens easily after you apply heat, this paddle brush is the best option to choose from.

2. Wide- Tooth Comb: Used to detangle tresses

Wide tooth combs are used for detangling, especially when you are in the shower or have wet hair. The wide teeth allows the comb to move swiftly in the hair strands, and avoid knots. This prevents the hair from frizz and further breakage. The wider the teeth of the comb, the less damaging it is to your hair. Brushing your hair dry with wide-tooth comb will help open the hair cuticle and provide more moisture to the hair. Also, this is good for curly hair as wide teeth mimic finger combing and gently detangle your hair to keep curls in shape.

3. Round Brush: Ideal for smooth, short and curly tresses

The round brush is a boar-bristle brush which gives a smooth and shiny look to the hair. It is ideal for short hair and even curls to create a sleek look. These types of hairbrush bristles will also give you volume and fullness. If you brush your hair in opposite direction using the round brush, they add height to the hair root. They are great both for creating styles with body and bend so that it lasts longer. While working with smooth texture, it is easy to control tension while pulling hair. smooth natural texture. So it is essential to smoothing out hair.

4. Brush With Natural Bristles: Perfect for fine, thick tresses

Just like the different hairbrush, the bristles also have types. They can be made with natural bristles, synthetic bristles, or a combination of the two. The best ones are the versatile natural boar bristle. They are gentle on the hair and help to smooth the cuticle to moisturize the hair strands and create a beautiful, shiny finish. They work on varied hair texture and help give different styles to the hair. The natural bristles avoid damaging your hair as they are flexible. This makes your hair look smooth and healthy.

5. Vented Brush: Can create volume

Experts say that this is a great brush to look for when you try to create volume. These brushes have holes or slits through the back which reduces the blow-drying time as the air flows through the brush. Even the paddle and round shaped brushes have vented designs for creating nice and enhancing textures. Thus, it is also called as a setting brush that makes your hairstyle hold longer.

6. Detangling Comb: Can be used on short to mid-length tresses

The detangling brush works for all hair type and is ideal for short to mid-length hair. It smoothens the wet or dry hair without causing breakage. Since it is pain-free, the detangling brush can be used for kids. However, using this brush while blow-drying can melt the bristles causing issues. The brush is gentle on the hair. Therefore, it reduces the pressure applied to hair as well as the scalp. A detangling brush helps to reduce damage, hair loss and split ends.

7. Round Brush Made of Metal: Grants quicker blowout, can create curls

Metal brushes are usually put to use for holding curls in place and create volume. It should not be used with wet hair as it can pull and damage the hair. It is used as a finishing tool to style the final look. The round brush helps tame frizz and gives some bounce to your hair. Also, the thicker the round brush, the more volume you can add to your hair. Round brushes have changed the way stylists blow-dry hair. This is because the hair wraps around the bristles of the round brush so that it gets easier to smooth your hair.

8. Rat Tail Comb: Used for smoothening and parting tresses

When you want to style your hair and separate them, use the rat tail comb. For styling your hair with flat iron, it helps to part the hair and smooth them evenly. Moreover, a smaller tooth comb creates more tension and holds the hair in properly while ironing. These combs provide more control of the hair, so your sections won’t mess around everywhere.

Use the right type of brush according to your hair texture and type. You will find it is easier now to style your hair with the appropriate hairbrush— detangling, smoothening, blow drying or straightening. You should consider the bristle texture also for proper styling. Some work well with wet hair while others are good to go with dry hair. This can be a little overwhelming but choosing a precise hairbrush will handout the healthy, shiny and beautiful hair.

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