Are Facemasks A Luxury or Necessity- Do you need to Invest in Facemasks

by Expertish

Face masks have gain popularity from becoming a staple in pyjama parties to a spa facial. There are ton of different varieties like the clay/mud, the sheet and crème ones, but do any of them actually work in giving you long term benefits? When you read all the fun ingredients your face mask has, from papayas to goat’s milk, you have to wonder if your skin actually absorbs those nutrients, or do you just smear it across your face and then wash it off? Can one product fix all of your skin issue or is it just a luxury adding an extra expense to the list? So the bottom line is to be realistic with what you expect. We have listed all the reasons on whether you should prioritize buying a face mask.


When it comes to skincare, there are hundreds of different categories and various options but what you need to fathom that it is best to stick to the basics. Cleansers, Moisturisers and Sunscreen are the root of skincare regime and foundation for any good skincare routine. Anything apart from these is just providing actives to the skin like various skin concerns or extra pampering. 


The facemask usually flash those exotic ingredients your skin may not even need. Such facemask are certainly expensive and you are convinced that the price is reasonable due to all these fun ingredients. The micro-beads or the glitter is just to catch your eye and doesn’t contribute to a glowing and healthy skin. Most of the time there is no clinical research done on the products and you may not know if they are authentic and reliable. The after effects or long term side effects are not measured.
Also, many highly effective ingredients do not smell great and hence fragrance is added to the skin products and also in the face mask. You might not see the damage the fragrance causes on daily basis but it occurs silently. Even the preservatives like parabens and other chemicals used to stabilize all ingredients together can be harmful for the sensitive skin. 

SO if you are looking for a facemask which will do something to your skin or add an extra oomph to that glow then make sure it doesn’t contain all the above ingredients. Facemasks with Hyaluronic Acid, Niacinamide, Licorice Root Extract, Ferulic Acid , Vitamin E and other ingredients which are clinically proven to give your skin better cell turnover and barrier function

At Home Face masks can be great only if you make sure the quality of ingredients shouldn’t be compromised. The homemade face mask can be an alternative for those who don’t want to spend on extra skincare products. Make sure you don’t get overboard with the ingredients or the usage because sometimes less is actually more.

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