Avoid These Face Washing Mistakes : How To Properly Use Your Facial Cleanser

by Expertish

Are you struggling with skin issues even after having a nice skincare routine and don’t know what you are probably doing wrong?? Skincare regime mostly starts with washing your face since it is the first step and that too an important one. But there might be some habits or practices of yours that aren’t helping you get the best out of that skincare routine. These wrong habits lead you to skin problems, breakouts and irritation. The mistakes are made when we get too much lenient on our skincare practices and then various skin issues follow. 

To help you avoid these mishaps so that your skin stays radiant and glowing, here are some of the habits and patterns that you should break and stay away from. You will eventually see the positive changes in your skin when you start doing things the right way.

1. Using a dirty or abrasive towel to wash or dry your skin.

If you are really causal about your towel being clean and soft then you should reconsider it. Because the use of dirty towel can lead to skin getting exposed to bacteria. So, say a big NO! to these poor towel habits now onwards. Do not share towels with anyone. Moreover, while you dry off your face, make sure you just pat on your skin and don’t rub your face because it can lead to irritation and redness.

2. Applying facial cleanser to dry skin.

It is always said to wet your face before using products, especially cleansers. If the cleanser is applied to dry skin, then two of these things happen. First, you need extra cleanser to apply all over your face because of the absence of water less quantity of it won’t be able to glide on your skin. And secondly, if you do so then too much of cleanser will lead to dry skin and irritation. So, before applying these rinse-off cleanser, splash some water on your face to avoid any problems. 

3. Not washing your hands prior to washing your face.

Some will say that it is a myth but there are serious side-effects of not washing hands prior to face washing. Your hands may not look dirty but there are bacteria which we can’t see. These will directly get to your facial skin causing acne and breakouts. Skin infections and eczema can also happen. So, you shouldn’t overlook this and always wash your hands before touching your face.

4. Not using the appropriate cleanser for your skin type/condition. 
Did anyone tell you that you might be using the wrong product which doesn’t go with your skin type? This is true that skincare products are made while keeping each skin type in consideration. So, it is better to use the one which is suitable for your skin.

5. Not cleansing your skin after removing your makeup.
If you remove your makeup before you jump into the bed, it’s good. But do you clean your face with cleanser after removing makeup? If no, then please start doing it. Makeup can sometimes stay on the skin causing the debris and dirt to accumulate. This can lead to acne, pimples and even skin infections. So, if you don’t want to complain about your uneven texture due to makeup residue then have a habit to wash your face with a cleanser after you take the makeup off.

6. Washing your face with water that is either too hot or too cold.
Most of us are ignorant to water temperature and end up with skin concerns due to this bad practice. Washing your face with wrong water temperature can affect your skin. Too hot or too cold water isn’t right for your skin as it can lead to either dryness or oily skin. Use lukewarm water and be gentle while applying products to your skin for healthy and glowing skin.

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