10 Hacks To Make Your Perfume Last Longer

by Expertish

It’s a major disappointment when you spend a ton over fragrances and they simply vaporize in a few hours. Also while investing a truckload amount in your favorite brands, it’s pretty normal if you expect to smell divine throughout the day but that doesn’t happen always. Well the problem is not in which perfume you choose to buy but instead how you’re applying your perfume. We have come up with a bunch of hacks which will help the fragrance to last a lot longer than you would think:

Take a shower or fresh bath before spraying

Nothing can really help if you’re smelling bad and haven’t had a shower in the morning or after a sweaty workout session. So make sure you clean yourself nicely and take the dirt, sweat and grime off before wearing your perfume.

Choose the right pulse points

Fragrance often spells its magic on the heat produced points so choose the points wisely ,keeping in mind where the sweat comes off first! We advice spraying it over neck, wrists, inner elbows and back of your knees. The back of your knees and calves will help the fragrance to flow in the upward direction throughout the day.

Moisturise or Apply Body lotion

Applying a body lotion before applying your scent is going to lock the fragrance and avoid it from getting absorbed deep in the skin and swish away!

Use Vaseline

For that extra kick , dab a tiny amount of Vaseline over your pulse points and it will act as second shield. This will prevent the fragrance from getting vaporized before time.

Spray from a distance

Spraying it closely to the points is going to make it drop down like water. Spraying from a distance will uniformly distribute the droplets over your points ensuring complete utilization of the perfume.

Don’t rub your wrists

Rubbing the perfume over your chosen pulse points is going to evaporate the subtle notes present in your fragrance. When you spray over the scent to one wrist and rub it against the other it is going to diminish the delicate layers of your perfume. We would highly recommend gentle dabbing motion than any vigorous movements on your wrist.

Don’t get overboard with the perfume

Spraying it in high amount will do no good in fact the more the spirit the higher chances it has to swish away in the air. Spray only the required amount or you can even spray it in the air and then run through it to grab the fragrance.

Layer different perfumes

If you’re fond of fragrances and have a variant collection then consider layering up the fragrances to have a more lasting effect. Moreover, a blend of scents is just going to uplift your game because even if the top layer fades away , you’ll still have the other layer of a different fragrance left to do its job!

Don’t spray it on your clothes

Spraying it over your clothes is always a bad idea since perfumes are made up of alcohol and blend of natural or essential oils. You don’t know how these ingredients would react with your fabric or the dye in it. So to be on the safer side just spray the perfume on your body and spare your favourite apparels from destroying.

Don’t forget your hair

Spraying any kind or percentage of alcohol can damage your hair. The wise thing here to do which will even prevent the damage is to spray it over your hair brush so that the fragrance is transferred uniformly and your hair strands can instantly lock it up.

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