Benefits Of Oil Pulling & How To Do It

by Expertish

Oil pulling is a practice that dates back to 3000 years ago which involves swishing and holding a tablespoon of plant oil in your mouth for long periods of time to draw out health benefits. The ancients believed that all the toxins produced in our body starts building up in our mouth. Holding up oil in our mouth for a long period of time is going to extract and wash away the impurities that are oil-soluble and are on the verge of formation. Practitioners of the ancient times popularly used sunflower and sesame oil for this process but you can see for yourself. People who have newly discovered about it have started with coconut oil because of the rich buttery flavor it contains and also doesn’t smell bad. Moreover Coconut Oil is antibacterial in nature. You can check out the benefits’ listed below and see if it floats your boat:

Detoxify: the bacterias and toxins enter your body through your mouth so oil pulling is going to stop the formation right from the entering point. It kills all the toxins present in your saliva and support proper oral hygiene.

Fresh Breath: bad breath is generally a result of poor oral hygiene, gum infections or diseases which is generally a bacteria pile-up so adding oil pulling into your regimen before brushing is a natural way to fix oral problems and keep them healthy.

Whitens Teeth: oil loosens up the yellow deposits on your teeth causing plague and whitens them. Holding up oil for a few minutes in your mouth is going to make the yellow layer sloppy and eventually it is going to slip off.

Balances Hormones: when your body flushes out the toxins out of your body it enable more natural functionality of hormones. It is known to benefit and regularize the menstrual cycle.

Strengthens Jaws: oil pulling holds up your jaws just like holding up body in a plank position. The science applied is exactly the same. Jaws strengthens and also the fat deposits in there are reduced leading to a more defined sharp jaw through the oil pulling process.

Clears Sinuses: swishing encourages the toxins to flush out which clears the blocked nasal passages by pulling out the mucous from the throat. Hence, this therapy is effective for patients with sinus and even for those who frequently get

Happy Gums: reduces inflammation and reverses gingivitis by decreasing harmful bacteria and plaque possibilities present in the mouth promoting great gum health.

Improves Skin: when oil pulling is done as first thing in the morning it cuts down all the toxins and bacteria collected in the mouth overnight. As all the toxins are thrown out of the mouth in the morning, fresher and cleaner saliva meets the blood stream in the gut making your skin less prone to fungal acne.


– Look out for an organic edible coconut oil.
– Put 1-2 tablespoons of the oil in your mouth (make sure the spoon is clean).
Hold it up in your mouth.
And now set a timer for 20 minutes and keep swishing it inside your mouth.
Once you’re done, spit oil into the trash and not down the drain because coconut oil can solidify inside your drainage pipes.
Rinse and brush! Voila! Your mouth is clean and here, you’re done!

For best results do it as the first thing in the morning and the last thing in the night so that you have a clean system while waking up and before sleeping.

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