DIY Manicure Using Natural Ingredients

by Expertish

We all are worried about our growing body hair, dead skin showing up all over or blackheads or whiteheads lining up. It’s altogether too much to worry about our salon regimen. Some treatments do require a professional like hydra-facials, extractions etc but when it comes to manicure and pedicure, it is something you can do yourself at home using some very basic kitchen ingredients. The process is really simple and just require the following easy steps:

Step 1:
Clean your hand thoroughly. Remove all your previous nail polish and any dirt deposit in your nails. Double check while you do it. Don’t go too heavy on your hands and nails. Clean it gently and check for any residues.

Step 2:
Shape your nails or trim them if you want. File all your nails or simply cut them with a nail cutter. As the doctors say, dirty nails are extremely unhygienic so if it has been more than 2 months then we’ll suggest you to chop them off or else you can always shape them as per your desire. Check out what suit your hands.

Step 3:
When you clean your nails and shape them, soak your hands in warm water for 3 minutes. Add 1 spoon of baby shampoo and epsum salt or an essential oil if you want. You can even add half of lemon juice. When you shape your nails, it leaves the excess of nail in powdery form which sometimes get deposit in your nails. Adding lemon juice to warm water will deeply clean your nails and hands.

Step 4:
Exfoliate your hands by using a diy scrub. Mix granulated sugar with olive oil, essential oil and honey and rub it all over your hands to remove the dead skin cells from your hands. Sugar exfoliates the skin while increasing the blood flow in the skin surface. Olive oil and essential oil balances the ph level of the skin. Honey smoothens and refreshes the skin from within. Once you’re done with scrubbing your hands, soak them again for 30 seconds so that all the granules and excess oil will be easily removed.

Step 5:
Moisturise your hands with any emollient or simply olive oil as the last and final step. Let your hands have a moment without any nail paint for a few days but keep them well nourished daily by moisturizing your cuticles too.

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