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No one can deny the fact that spa day is one of the most relaxing and calming time that you can give to your body, mind and skin. An intensive spa therapy opens up and relaxes your body by calming each nerve but to be honest it does costs a lot and is sometimes not in the budget too. So if you are having some serious spa-missing then we can assure you that doing few simple things can make your bathroom into an oozing spa room.

Get a bath tray: Assembling your regular bath items in a tray uniformly is a step to turn your bathroom into a spa. Did you ever a visit to a spa or saw a spa in the movies laying things in an untidy and shattered manner? NO! So keep everything organized beforehand.

Set the mood with a candle: Candles can be romantic, pleasing and just adds a whole vibe to the ambiance. You can also use an oil diffuser to make the space fragrant and gentle with an additional aura of the candle lights before unwinding in your bath tub.

Take care of the detail: Just because you don’t own a tub that doesn’t mean you cannot enjoy the art of spa. Hang in eucalyptus in your shower before you take that steamy bath to relish into its minty fragrance. It’s the cheapest way to scent the flowing water like that of a bathtub filled with roses. So if you don’t find a specific detail just don’t cancel your spa day, a little creativity can really make the whole experience equally calming.

Add a plant: Plants have the tendency to attract positivity and health. Adding any sought of in-house plant in your bathroom can enable you to intact with positive green energy. YES!!!!Green does the healing!

Stock up on face masks and serums: Face masks and serums are the secret code for our face to relax and heal from within. While lying in your bathtub and enjoying the steamy water hit a face mask and optimize your time at its best. The steam that comes out of your water will complement the mask in the best way.

Add microfiber towels and scent them with your favorite essential oils: we all have towels lying in our bathroom and some of us find oil diffusers to powerful so instead you can use it few drops on your towels and enjoy the mild scent at your diy home spa. If you want additional advantages from the towel then you can do hot towel steam and pour few drops or tea tree oil or rosehip oil to make the spa experience beneficial for your skin too.

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