The Right Time To Use Antiperspirants : Use This Hack To Control Sweat

by Expertish

No one likes to smell bad or have those sweat stains on their clothes. Sweat can ruin your hair, clothes in particular and make you uncomfortable. Lot of people struggle with sweaty hands, feet and underarms. As we know, this body odor is an everyday issue but there is something that can save you from this embarrassment. The antiperspirant is a life saver when it comes to sweat and body odor. It not only reduces the sweating but also keeps away the odor. 

If you are new to this, let us break down how antiperspirant works. Basically, when you apply it, the pores on outer layer of your skin are temporarily blocked by antiperspirant which ultimately reduces sweating. The important ingredient, aluminum salts, are the actual reason that antiperspirant will stop your underarms from sweating. They knock out the bacteria thus helping to reduce the body odor.

Do not get confused with a deodorant and antiperspirant. Deodorants just fight the bad smell but antiperspirant completely blocks it out. And if you want to make the antiperspirant work more effectively, here’s a trick— Apply it at NIGHT! Yes, you read it right. Here are some of the reasons why using the antiperspirant at night works better. 

1. It gives the product more time to sink into your skin
When you apply the antiperspirant at night, it basically gets sufficient time to get absorbed into the skin. This makes it work more efficiently to reduce sweating. The pores will get properly plugged and won’t cause you any trouble the next day. 

2. Sweat glands are less active at night, so the products absorb faster.
As a matter of fact, the sweat glands appear to be less active during night time. This makes the antiperspirant work better. During the day, you probably sweat more which means the antiperspirant will wash off easily leaving no effects. So, make it a part of your night routine so as to avoid sweat and smell.

3. Antiperspirant works even better on dry skin( as opposed to after a morning shower)
When you shower in the morning, it basically opens the pores on the surface of skin and makes the sweat glands more active. While at night, your skin is drier than daytime which helps the antiperspirant to block the pores easily. The active ingredients get down into the sweat glands to clog them. 

4. The active ingredient lasts 24 hours, so no risk of rinsing it off.
Another reason why the antiperspirant should be applied at night is because the active ingredients go deep into the sweat glands. This way, they last for almost 24 hours and keep you fresh and clean. The product will not get rinsed off thus showing it’s effect the right way.

 Make sure you shake the antiperspirant well before use and do not try it on sensitive or damaged skin. This can lead more irritation and skin problems. Apply the antiperspirant before going to bed and not directly after your evening shower. You will be impressed by the results you get once you start using antiperspirant at night.

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