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Not having voluminous lashes isn’t the end of the world because you can either get them lifted or go for semi-permanent eyelash extensions. The quickest and the most affordable way of having dreamy lashes is just simply put fake eyelashes but is it that simple? We don’t think so. Infact a lot of us may lack this art of mastering the false lash look. Dropping it the god knows thousandth time while putting them on or may be pouring over the whole glue bottle and all of it is just frustrating and troublesome. So if are able to contour like KIM K but when it comes to putting the lashes on you crash like a puppy then just use the simple tip given below and turn into a pro:

What you will need:
Pair Of Lashes
Lash Glue
Lash Holder

Step 1: Put on lash glue to your false lashes. Don’t look in the mirror trying to put it over with glue over your lashes.

Step 2: Place your hand mirror downwards so that when your eyes are facing downwards and see your natural lash line clearly. Pick up your fake lash with the help of lash holder so that it’s steady.

Step 3: Start with placing your false lashes to your original lash line from the center and when it sticks through the center then gently place the lash holder to your left and then to the right so that the lash stick uniformly and perfectly.

You don’t want your original lashes and false lashes to look distinct so you got to stick them to your original lash line carefully!

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