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It is often said that cleanliness leads to a healthy lifestyle.
No expensive skin care product can be effective as long as you do not stress over the cleanliness metric. Clean habits are very important if you’re looking out for a healthy skin. Adopting a clean lifestyle is absolutely simple and doesn’t take a toll over your life. You may continue following your 6-7 steps of skincare regimen but always remember that if you’re products are not kept and used hygienically they might lose their life span and become contaminated. Here’s a little guide to keep your skin care sanitized:

Wash Your Hands Thoroughly Before Beginning Your Routine

Clean hands are happy hands. Do not forget to wash your hands regularly. Even before you eat, touch your face, run finger through your scalp or generally clean your room. There’s already a lot of chance for germs to sit on your face given the atmosphere and you have no idea what’s in your hands so before touching your skin or starting with your skincare routine make sure you thoroughly wash your hand with warm water and an alcohol based cleanser or anyone which kill the germs. This helps to make sure that when you clean your skin or put on any product, you will be sure that none of the germs are being transferred from your hands to your skin.

Don’t Dip Your Fingers Into The Product

Most skincare products have concentrated ingredients so use a clean spatula instead of dipping your fingers straight into the them. Also do not replace the product jars by pouring it into some of your own created jar feeling like a guru. Use them in whatever packaging they come and keep them as they are.

Use Freshly Laundered Clothes Or Makeup Wipes

Dirty clothes or makeup wipes have god knows what. Do not risk it all by using them because you will start with one part of your face and then gradually spread it all over your face. Please be careful in using the towel or wipes you’d use to take off your makeup. As make up products are already harsh on your skin and you do not want germs to mix up with them and have a little party on your skin.

Wash Your Pillow Cases Weekly

Now that you’ve worked so hard to keep the sanitization at its best, can you rest over a dirty pillow case all night making your skin germ friendly? The answer must be a big no-no! Be sure to wash your pillow cases after every 3-4 days so that you can rest peacefully knowing you left no scope of bacteria to attack your skin.

Deep Clean Your Cosmetic Bags And Bathroom Surfaces

Cosmetic bags and bathroom surfaces must be a common place for your products to lie. If you master the art of cleaning your product storage space then there’s no way your products can get infected. The shelf life of brushes, foundations and concealers is too long to die but the older they get ,the risk of getting them infected also increases. So make sure you clean them regularly and thoroughly even when you do not intend to use your products for a long long time.

Do Not Touch The Dropper

Many serums and foundations come with a dropper packaging which is hygienically packed as per the company. If you go with the trends of contacting it with your face in a form it drops over your skin, you’re giving the germs a space to develop. Any damp area is always a bacteria breeding ground so pour the product over your hands or skin with a good distance to use them in the right manner

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