How to perfectly hide a hangover: Best makeup & beauty tricks

by Expertish

Saturday nights are fun but the aftermath of hangovers are equally exhausting. Even if you are able to control the non stop headache in the morning the puffy eyes and dehydrated skin can tell it all. So here are certain steps which can help you fix the draining look and help you fake an instant glow:

Strobe cream
Strobe cream is basically a highlight cum moisturiser. It will help you get a subtle dewy appearance without the hint of greasiness on your skin. It’s great to keep your skin moisturised and give that “2 ltrs of hydration per day ” look. You could use it everyday or just on days you think your bare face cannot pull it off .

Lip or Cheek Tint
Tints give you that natural burnt blush you get while being in the hot sun. It comes in a light liquid form in variants of colors. You can choose any in accordance to how you want your natural hue to appear. You just have to put a drop of it on your cheeks or fingers and dab it a little. It will give you those cherry flushed cheeks and if you blend it perfectly them no one can ever in the world make out if you’ve applied anything.

Ice Roller
No matter what your face condition be,ice rollers can work like magic to your skin. They make all the puffiness go like a wonder. Also using them in your morning skincare routine boosts blood circulation which in turn gives you a radiant glow. It refreshes and reduces thatheaviness on your face. Also ice rollers are great disposal for new mommies who are up all night with their babies and have an occasion to attend next morning. You can just roll it all over you face and it will not make people notice about your all nighter shenanigans.

You use serums prior your moisturiser. When you’ve been up all night be it any reason of the world, your skin dehydrates and make up just altogether adds more it. So after a hectic night, your skin does not only need a good boost of refreshment but also a dose of concentrated rich ingredients designed in accordance to your skin type. Serums with hyaluronic acid and Vitamin C not only keeps your moisture intact, helps your skin to glow and also promote longterm skin benefits.

Using sunscreen daily, even when it is cloudy or raining, dramatically decreases your risk of developing skin cancer. It protects your skin from harmful rays. Not only it protects your skin from the environment but also helps in evening out the skin tone. It prevents facial brown spots and skin discolorations. So do not forget to apply a layer of sunscreen at the end of all the products right 10-15 minutes before you step out of your house!

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