Over-Exfoliation- Everything You Need To Know

by Expertish

All the skin care routines have a step where you exfoliate your skin. It is basically the removal of dead skin to help you get a brighter and healthy skin. Exfoliation can be done manually or using chemical formulations too. Scrubbing your skin with micro beads containing exfoliator is the manual way(hoping that harsh apricot scrubs are out of your life) and chemical exfoliators include acids like AHA(alpha hydroxy acids) and BHA(includes salicylic acid) which work to fade out scars and clear excess sebum, acne or blackheads. But sometimes people feel excessive dryness or a burning sensation after exfoliation and that is one of the worst things you are doing to your skin which is Over-Exfoliation.

What is actually happening when you over exfoliate your skin is that you are weakening your barrier which results in the side effects like sensitivity, redness of skin, dehydration. For every person, the ideal amount of exfoliation is different and the skin resilience also varies but irrespective of both these factors, one must always try to be gentle because if done otherwise the effects can be harmful in the long run.

Due to regular or frequent use of exfoliants, the skin actually becomes sensitive and inflamed. And then the bacteria easily attacks your skin which causes irritation or redness. This even leads to severe rashes and skin damage. Moreover, when you over exfoliate, skin becomes dry and dehydrated starts to peel off which results in the formation of flakes. So to avoid this, you should exfoliate your skin to a minimum of 2-3 days a week. Otherwise you can also use a skin recovery cream to reduce redness and sensitivity. 

When you scrub your skin, you might do it too fast or harshly rub or pull the skin. This exposes the skin to pollutants and bacteria even more. While using the micro bead facial scrub, make sure that you rub it on the skin gently. The chemical exfoliants are primarily acids and need to be used in proper amount. The ingredients are really powerful and can cause more issues if overused. Try using mild products and always apply sunscreen to avoid any damage due to sun. So a proper amount and a gentle approach can keep your skin healthy.

You may be the cause of your own acne! How? This is due to the improper exfoliation. When your exfoliate correctly, it open ups the clogged pore of the skin and helps to get rid of pimples and acne. But if you are overdoing it then it has the reverse effect on your skin.
Exfoliating your skin is good only if it is done properly. The more, the better will be less of a boon in this case. These were some means that damage your skin due to over exfoliation. Keep these in mind the next time your exfoliate to get it done right and no one can stop you from having the radiant and healthy skin. 

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