Sequence Of Skin Care Steps For Daily Regime

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Are you using the skincare products at random because you don’t know which product goes after what? The sequence of using these products is incredibly important to achieve a healthy and glowing skin. It is usually suggest that applying your skin care products in the proper order ensures that your skin receives the full benefits of each product. The key ingredients can penetrate the skin when perfectly applied. If you don’t apply products in the correct order, you may not see the best results from your skin care regime.

A Step-by-Step Guide
Now, there are two things that need to be taken care of while following the skincare routine. First, you should know which product need to penetrate the skin and which one is supposed to be on the surface. Secondly, the day and night skincare regime have different steps and should be done during the required part of the day for effective results. Make sure your morning routine must consist of skincare steps that protect the skin from UV rays, pollution and dirt whereas the night time regime should be done using products that repairs your skin and give your skin all it needs to stay healthy and repair any damage or skin issues.

Here is a reference to help you with the skin care routine steps:

1. Cleanse
Twice per day, morning and night
For day time, you can wash your face with warm water and then apply a foaming cleanser. You should choose the gentle cleanser that is designed for your skin type. Although, to get rid of all day’s dirt, oil and makeup, you can use a multipurpose makeup remover and cleanser at night. You can cleanse twice, if required, to remove dirt and then again a quick wash with regular cleanser. In the morning, start by splashing your face with cold water or, if you must, wash with a gentle face cleanser designed for your skin type. It leaves your skin fresh and perfectly prepped to absorb the next product you apply. 

2. Tone
Twice per day, morning and night
You might have experienced that toners irritate your skin and thus you avoid to use them. This is because each type of toner works differently for each skin type. But you should know that the latest products have multiple use and are not harsh on your skin anymore. They provide your skin with antioxidants, vitamin derivatives and even toning acids. Toners replenish skin by hydrating it and removes dead cells and dirt left behind after cleansing. The one with ingredients like lactic acid, hyaluronic acid, and glycerine really give skin a moisture boost.

3. Exfoliate
Once or twice per week
Exfoliation removes dead skin cells while it unclogs the pores. Exfoliation is also essential to avoid bacterial infection. While you exfoliate, use luke warm water and any gel based scrub to remove the dirt from face. If you have a normal skin type, using a chemical peel can be effective. When you exfoliate using gloves, it provides your skin with more oxygen and boosts the cell renewal process. Although, you must avoid over-exfoliation as it leads to skin irritation and makes the skin greasy. Exfoliating gels have active ingredients that remove the dirt and even makeup left after cleansing. It reduces the cellulite and ingrown hair making your skin radiant and firm.

4. Mask
Once or twice per week
There are variety of masks available and you can choose the one according to your skin type. You can apply sheet masks, modeling masks or even the wash-off masks. These masks are hydrating and provide necessary elements to the skin to keep it healthy. You can use a mask once or twice a week. These are skin rejuvenating and are specifically effective to lock moisture in dry skin. Some masks can be left overnight and then washed in the morning and should be applied at the end of skincare routine. The key ingredients like hyaluronic acid and various minerals deliver long lasting moisture and glowing skin.

5. Treat
Twice per day, morning and night
There are various types of skin treatment like the medicines, retinol creams and even the serums. Our skin repairs itself every night as we sleep. These treatments are for boosting this process with their active ingredients. You can use the serum or take medication during day time. For most of the part, applying peel pads and exfoliating mask should be done during the night. After the basic skincare steps above, it is time for applying detoxifying masks to treat your skin. This is more of a pampering step that enhances the skin texture and keep it glowing. Be careful about the ingredients of product you use because it won’t be good to have too many acids, vitamin C, or retinol-based ingredients altogether.

6. Moisturize 
Twice per day, morning and night
Let you skin be of any type, you need to apply moisturizer. A moisturizer will soothe and soften skin. The skin has natural lubricants but the extra hydration provides by the moisturizer will make your skin healthier. This avoids any kind of infection and protect from the outside weather and harsh chemicals. To lock in most of the hydration, you should apply the moisturizer while the skin is damp after treating the skin. It is a prominent step during night routine and can be used as a night cream. A thicker layer is applied as it gets several hours at night to get neatly absorbed. Also, your moisturizer will be effective if it contains glycerine, peptides and antioxidants. You can use a cream based for dry skin while a fluid moisturizer for normal or combination skin.

7. Eye care
Twice per day, morning and night 
The skin around your eyes tends to be thinner and more sensitive and also prone to aging. So to improve the skin quality in this area, you need to apply the eye cream everyday twice. By doing so, the eyelid skin does not easily lose laxity and it appears smooth afterwards. Make this a regular step because for eye care, consistency is the key. You can even use an eye cream with SPF to protect the skin there. They not only lighten the dark circles but also protect the eye area from any irritation. Also, look for creams that are rich in peptides and antioxidants for fresh and brighter look. 

8. Protect
Daily, or as per required
Since, it is a surface product, sunscreen should be the last step in your daytime skin care routine. It blocks the UV rays and avoid and damage or irritation to the skin. Sometimes, it gets tricky to use the chemical sunscreen because they usually need to penetrate deep in to the skin for better results. To be precise, the key ingredient of your sunscreen should be zinc as it provides protection from UV rays. This is a critical step in morning routine since it acts as a skin barrier and also fights the ageing signs. All you need to do is massage the cream onto your skin some 20-25 minutes before you go out. Use the sunscreen all year long even if it’s not too sunny outside because your skin need protection everyday.

9. Body care
Daily, or as per required
Just like a perfect skincare routine for the face is necessary, you should certainly prioritize your body and take a proper care of it. After all, you won’t like the idea of smooth face but dry and rough hands. Not just the soap bar or lotion is going to help you but you actually need to have a consistent body care routine from time to time. The basics of skincare i.e. cleansing, exfoliating and moisturizing are a must for body care too. Cleansing with a gentle body wash will help you get rid of all the dirt on body and get it cleaned. Also, just like your face, the body skin has dead cells which can be removed by exfoliating it. It makes the skin smooth and boosts the cell renewal process. Although, some of us may wax the body hair but others would prefer to shave. So, while shaving, don’t forget to apply shaving cream. Step into the shower for few minutes to soften the skin to make it razor ready. Last of all, moisturizing your skin is another important step. The body lotion will help your skin stay hydrated. You can do this on regular basis or as and when required.

The most important thing is finding a skin care routine that works for you and that you’ll follow. Listen to your skin. Remember that everyone has a different skin type and texture. So be a little experimental at first to get a perfect skin care routine. 

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