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No matter how fancy the packaging is or how popular the brand name is, there are certain skincare products no one need. People usually get trapped because of the way beauty products are being marketed and their false claims. The truth is that your skin doesn’t need all that stuff and will be absolutely fine if you don’t buy them. You can totally have a good skin with really basic and minimal products which have effective ingredients. So ahead are some products you can easily say good bye to and cut off from your skincare routine without having any guilt.

It’s a common fact that one must be gentle with their skin but still people often forget this obvious advice and buy those scrubs which have coarse particles in it. Physical exfoliators help you to get rid of dead skin cells but if their consistency is too harsh then you are literally damaging your skin. Of course your skin feels less oily after you use them but that’s just a temporary effect. The oils glands in your skin will produce more oil to compensate with the stripping caused by over exfoliation. What exfoliators with walnut, apricot, coconut shell particles etc do is that they creates micro cuts on your skin which can lead to uneven skin tone and texture. So if you have recently bought such an exfoliator then use it to scrub your foot or elbows and if were thinking of buying it then you must change your mind.

Stretch marks are a type of scar that usually develops when your skin stretches or shrinks too quickly due to lack of collagen, moisture and elasticity. There is no topical treatment which will work as they are permanent and won’t disappear. Though you can avoid it’s presence before they appear by keeping your skin well nourished with thicker consistency moisturisers like cocoa butter, shea butter, petroleum jelly, jojoba oil etc. The only thing which works to reduce the appearance of stretch marks is laser treatment. You can visit a board certified dermatologist if you wish to opt for permanent solution to lessen their appearance.

Unfortunately beauty products with pretty packaging tend to sell more and those which are really effective either gain popularity too late or remain on the counter for years. This is the same logic because of which glitter masks entered in the cosmetic market. Neither these over the top unicorn glitter has any properties of enhancing your skin nor it will give you any results. It’s just a complete wastage of your money and time.

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