Skincare Tips To Follow Before And After Workout

by Expertish

Do you love working out? While you are shedding that extra weight, remember to take care of your skin too. Working out is great and you feel energized, confident and great about yourself. Indeed, it is a must for maintaining a healthy body but if you don’t take care of your skin post workout then it can lead to a lot of skin concerns. The longer sweat stays on your face and body, the more your skin will attract bacteria and dead cells. So, follow a skin care routine both before and after working out. Without further ado, let’s get into the details!

Pre-Workout Routine

1. Remove makeup

Makeup clogs your pores. And when you exercise you sweat a lot. If your pores are clogged, it leads to accumulation of sweat, oil and dirt. This is the prime cause of acne and breakouts. So remember to remove any makeup you have on before working out. Let your skin breathe while you sweat out.

2. Don’t do your full skincare routine

Cleanse your face and put on a light moisturiser. Don’t complete your entire skin care routine before working out. You will sweat and the dirt/grease will accumulate on your skin. Because of this the extra steps you might have done, will be of no use.

3. Do apply a light moisturiser

Drinking water while working out is a must to stay hydrated. Similarly, your skin also needs hydration. Too much sweating dehydrates your skin. So before a heavy workout always put on moisturizer or a light facial oil. It keeps the moisture locked and leaves your skin hydrated.

4. Apply sunscreen

As usual sunscreen is a must. Whether you are working out outside or inside, apply sunscreen. Keep your skin safe from the sun while you do your work out.

5. Do not touch your face

When you work out, you are sweating anyways. And the gym equipment also harbors a lot of germs and bacteria especially if you are working out in a public gym. So when you are working out, do not touch your face after touching the equipment. It would lead to breakouts and infections on your skin.

6. Keep a microfiber towel handy

While you are working out, you are bound to sweat profusely. So use a microfiber towel to pat dry your skin gently. It is an ideal option as the fabric of such towels will not hinder with the skin barrier. Also they are environment friendly as compared to one time use face wipes.

Post-Workout Routine

1. Wash your hands

After you are done with your workout, you should definitely wash your hands. Get rid of all the dirt, sweat and germ before you touch your face. This prevents acne and breakouts.

2. Take a shower

Just like your hands, your clothes also trap bacteria, sweat and dead skin cells. Not to mention, you will be drenched in sweat. So change your gym clothes immediately and take a shower. Cleaning up properly is very important, otherwise it would lead to infections.

3. Do your skin care routine

The post workout glow is just lovely, isn’t it? That is all the sweat that you have accumulated over the course of your workout. So it’s best to perform your skin care routine afterwards. Start by cleansing your face properly. Get rid of the oil and germs. Then follow your skincare routine steps as you would normally do. Generally, when you work out in the morning and afternoon, after that always follow your morning routine including your sunscreen. And if you work out at night, then follow your night time routine which must consists of calming ingredients for skin.

4. Make sure to drink water

You might wonder what the relevance of water is, when we are talking about skincare post a workout session. The truth is, it has been scientifically proven that water helps keep your hydration levels high, so that your skin appears soft and supple. During your workout, you lose a lot of hydration because of your sweating, and hence, you need to have enough water to replenish your hydration levels after you are done with your routine.

5. Moisturise Moisturise Moisturise!!!

As you have worked out, your skin has also lost a lot of water as sweat. This leads to dehydrated and dry skin. So remember to put on moisturizer properly. Use a good moisturiser or facial oil or serum that locks in the moisture and provides hydration to your skin.

So get into your gym clothes and get ready for that workout. Follow these tips to take care of your body and skin.

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