SUNSCREEN FOR LIPS: Do You Need To Protect Your Lips Too?

by Expertish

The skin on the lips is thinner; it is more vulnerable than the rest of your body. Also, lips have no melanin, they are left unshielded. (It’s the blood vessels just beneath the surface of the lips that provide their rosy color). We know that sun exposure destroys collagen, so it thins the lips over time. Wearing an SPF lip balm or sunscreen on your lips every day protects the skin and the collagen beneath it, in exactly the same way that regular sunscreen use prevents future sagging and aging of the skin on your face and body.


1. Skin Cancer– The lips area is ripe for skin cancer, including two of the most common ones – basal and squamous cell carcinoma. If you protect your lips with a lip sunscreen with SPF, you can protect from cancer.

2. Sunburn– The thinner, more delicate skin on your lips is very susceptible to damage caused by UV rays. You know how painful a bad sunburn can be, so do yourself a favor and avoid it!

3. Hydration– Wind, sun, and sea can cause unsightly effects on your lips, such as dryness and chapping. Using lip balm with sunscreen helps keep your lips hydrated.

4. Only gloss is not enough-Maybe you think a dab of lip-gloss will tie your outfit together wonderfully. It might look good, but it doesn’t add any protection from harmful UV rays. In fact, dermatologists believe the shine of lip-gloss actually focuses UV rays on your lips. So don’t do that anymore. Or at least layer a protective lip sunscreen beneath your favorite shade. Sunscreen for lips often comes in the form of lip balms with SPF or you can apply your regular sunscreen.

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