The Perfect No-Makeup Makeup Guide- Dewy Makeup Look

by Expertish

When it pops in your mind to go for a light makeup for an almost natural face, you should turn to the “no-makeup” makeup look. It is a perfect look to wear at work or even at an event. It’s been trending since the 2nd half of this decade for helping you sport a fresh glow easily. All it does is enhance your natural look with no major changes. It needs no touch-up and keeps your look on place and even if it is hot and humid outside you don’t look greasy or sweaty. But when it comes to achieve this effortless look, the choice of products must be taken into consideration. Here is a list of for “no-makeup” makeup essentials that make you look just naturally radiant and put-together. 

1. Sunscreen

Matte sunscreen is ideal for combination to oily skin types and should never be skipped for your day glam no matter what the weather is outside. As the next steps for no-makeup makeup look involve a lot of cream based products that’s why people who have dry skin should also feel comfortable in using a gel based formula. The idea of a no-makeup makeup look is to make your face look fresh and glowy without making it look like a greased chicken. That’s why a matte base for skincare is without any doubt a good idea.

2. Creamy concealer 

The concealer helps you seal your makeup and makes you less shiny. While approaching the no makeup look, remember that you don’t have to hide all the blemishes with multiple layers or concealer. To get a glowing, dewy look, creamy concealer should be used because the powder will destroy the glossy look. For the dry skin, you can use a hydrating concealer which are lightweight and minimize the redness on skin. For those with oily skin will have a second thought about the creamy concealer as it may take off the makeup, so you can use a matte primer beforehand that will keep the shine away to keep the skin fresh throughout the day.

3. Lighter cream Eye shadow

Those who are new to the cream eyeshadow are going to get amazed. This type of eyeshadow are rich in texture and easily blendable. It is one of the must have for no makeup look due to so many great benefits. While the powder eyeshadow requires a lot of time and tools to apply, the creamy eyeshadow is quick and easy to use. You can almost effortlessly slide it using a finger and get a perfect look. The essential oils present in the cream eyeshadow are certainly rehydrating and gives your skin a smooth finish. The lighter cream eyeshadow stay almost all day unlike the powder eyeshadow that requires touch up after a while.

4. Clear Brow Gel

After the eyeshadow, you need to focus the natural brow look. Using a clear brush to lightly brush the brow is a kind of secret weapon. The brow gel keeps the brows in place when brushed with a spoolie. To swoop the end of brow and give it a lift, brush it upwards. This gel works for your no makeup look giving fuller and thicker brows. It enhances the beauty of your natural brows by simply brushing them up into place. The beauty of a clear brow gel is that it quickly swipes to both set your brows and lock in any colour you’ve added. The pencil products for brow doesn’t have the quality to hold and gets messed up after few hours. Basically, the bottom line is that you need a clear brow gel in your makeup stash.

5. Luminous Highlighter 

It is now time to add some glimmer to your face. The luminous cream-based highlighter helps to get the natural highlights to face. When applying the highlighter, it should be done using fingers to get more of a raw and natural look. 
Instead of any face powder, use the highlighter-cum-moisturizer product to your skin. Not only will your face look hydrated, but it will be a perfect base of your no makeup, makeup look. Put on the light highlighter along the tops of cheekbones and brow bones with a slim tapered brush for a reflective finish and glowing skin.

6. Cream blush

A natural, blushed look to the skin looks so gorgeous and unpolished. To get that look, all you need to do is add a little bit of a cream blush to the cheeks. Blusher will add colour to your cheeks so you don’t look pale. For the no makeup look, choose a cream blush to create a natural flush to cheeks. A little amount goes long way and can be applied by mere fingers or you can use a brush. Just tapping the blush will give you a fresh look and flushed cheeks.

7. Tinted lip balm

The tinted lip balm gives a hint of natural colour to your lips and nourish them too. The tinted lip balms are not only brightly pigmented, but are also filled with super-hydrating moisturizers like shea butter and coconut oil. These aren’t basic colors but various brands are making tinted lip balms in every shade so that you can choose the one you love. Also, these tinted lip balm lack parabens and phthalates which makes them all organic and good look lips. 

Once you have lined up the products, you should get your hands on some effective tools to apply and blend your makeup. To get the most of your “no makeup” makeup, you should complete your look with the setting spray. This helps to keep the makeup intact for whole day and doesn’t lead to any smudging or smearing. 

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