Tips To Stay Safe In The Sun : All About Sun Protection

by Expertish

Our Body needs Vitamin D and Sun is the best source to provide that. However too much of it can be really harmful. Especially when the summer heat is unbearable, and we want to avoid sun burn and tan. Not only this, the sun has harmful UV rays which can cause skin cancer. The sun’s rays can cause skin irritation, redness, dryness and a ton of other skin problems. So, we are sharing some important skin care tips which can help you stay protected from the sun. 

1. Cover up as much as possible

In the sweltering heat of the summer, it is very difficult to wear long sleeve clothes and cover up. So try carrying a cotton shrug or pullover that is made from breathable fabric. It’s the best way to prevent long term discoloration on arms and prevent major sun burns.

2. Use shades

Using an umbrella or sunglasses is very important. When you are outside, try to stay under the shade of trees, umbrellas or shelters. Not only does it provide relief from the scorching heat, it also provides a mechanical barrier against the sun. Also sunglasses are quite important to protect your eyes against the harmful UVA and UVB rays. You can opt for glasses which already have UV filters in it.

3. Use sunscreen

Sunscreen is the most crucial ingredient to a happy and healthy skin. Sunscreen works as a shield for your skin and protects it from harmful UV rays. So using good sunscreen is very important. You should choose one with a high SPF preferably above 30. A sunscreen with SPF 60-70 is the best option.

4. Stay hydrated

Don’t forget to drink lots of water. Keeping the body hydrated is the key to good skin. Especially because being in the sun for long hours can make you dehydrated and lower your electrolyte levels. You should always increase your water intake during the summers. Dehydration and heat strokes are very common due to the heat.

5. Be smart about stepping out

We all have experienced how strong the sun’s rays can be between 11am and 4 pm. So it’s best to prevent going out during this time. If you do step out don’t forget to put on sunscreen, carry a hat or umbrella and cover up as much as you can. Also carry ample amounts of water with you. You can also use other replenishing liquids that would help to keep you hydrated.

6. Use Vitamin E

After being out in the sun for too long your skin requires extra care. The moment you are back, clean up properly. Take a shower to remove the sweat, dirt and oil. Also apply vitamin E serums and creams. This would prevent your skin from dark spots and premature aging. 

7. Try to avoid the sun during the afternoon

The sun is strongest at that time. It is best to avoid sun exposure during that time. Sun exposure for long periods during that time can cause sunburns, skin redness, irritation and skin aging. It can also increase the chances of skin cancer.

8. Sun protection for children

Children need special protection from the sun. They really enjoy playing outside in the sun given their summer vacations. The best time to be outside for children is during the early mornings and in the evenings after the sun has set. Children have more sensitive skin and are prone to skin damage due to sun exposure, so make them adapt the habit of using sunscreen when they step out.

9. Be smart about sunbathing

If you are sunbathing, keep some things in mind. Do not spend more than 20 minutes in the sun even if your intent is to get that “Kardashian” tan. Take breaks in the shade when you get hot. Use sunglasses and apply don’t forget about sunscreen.

10. Reapply your sunscreen

Ideally you should wait about 30 minutes before heading out after applying sunscreen. Try and follow that. Plan your timing so that you are not in a hurry or run late. Keep yourself protected by reapplying sunscreen every 2 hours.

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