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Everyone loves to hoard jewellery but the mess it creates is hard to organise. Either you can’t find the pair of your favourite earrings when you are heading out or you will find all your necklaces tangled in a never ending clutter. But don’t worry guys as we have got the most simple DIY jewelry organiser to hold your accessories in place and in style.

You must have seen egg crates or whenever you buy eggs in bulk they come along with the crates which hold the eggs in place. But also many people are becoming vegan or are not fond of consuming eggs, so in that case you can go to the seller and ask him for a spare one as they usually just throw the crates in trash. They might also give you the crates for free as they are of no use to them.

  • STEP 1- Brush off any excess dust particles with a dry cloth so that you have a clean organiser. You can also spray your favourite perfume to get rid of any foul smell.
  • STEP 2- Take the hugest paint brush you have to save time and dip in the paint of your choice so that it matches with your wardrobe or wherever you want to put the jewelry organiser.
  • STEP 3- Let the crate dry for good 4 to 5 hours or leave it undisturbed overnight.
  • STEP 4- Put your favorite earring and necklace in whichever manner you like and stick the crate with a double tape wherever you want to.

Do try this at home and tag us in your recreation on our Instagram handle.

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