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No one can honor motherhood just by a gesture or a gift because what mothers can do, no one else can’t. Feeling sick? Maaaa, Feeling tired? Maaaa. Feeling hungry? Maaaa. It’s unbelievable how she covers various folds of life. Having a good day out with our moms was a ritual on every Mother’s day but nothing is the same in 2020. The pandemic has taken a toll on almost everything but you shouldn’t use it as an excuse to cancel the celebrations. So here are some kind and lovable gestures that you can do without breaking the quarantine rules:

Breakfast in bed

She wakes up every morning to collect the home essentials, prepare your breakfast, plan out lunch and dinner so is it not a good enough reason to take hold over her responsibility for a day and serve her a nice breakfast in bed? Even in this lockdown where we all have messed up sleep schedules, we bet she must be the only person in the house to wake up early because who’s going to take care of the daily house chores like she does? So treat her with something she really enjoys to eat and use the internet to crack a full-proof recipe.

Treat her with at home spa

It’s really easy to take an hour from your day and totally devote it to her a good massage and facial. Light up a nice soothing candle, put on her favorite track and let her cuddle up in the mood. Dip her legs in a hot bucket of water and let them relax for all the work they do.

Create a movie night

Check out her favorite movie over any site and play it at night with a tub of popcorn in her hand. Turn on the air conditioner over a comfortable temperature, turn off the lights and let the show begin.

Cook her the brunch meal

If accidentally you skip waking up early, do not forget it is still her day and it is still not that late to start with the celebration. Cook her favorites as a brunch meal and make sure she relishes it. She loves you a bit too much so she won’t tell you if something is too much or too less in the recipe. So stress over those YouTube videos and polish your cooking skills. If the weather is breezy and arrange the brunch setup in the rooftop or balcony.

Bake a cake

Last time we checked, cake is still a sign of celebration and we know everything is shut down outside or even if it is open you might hesitate ordering due to the ongoing cases. Baking a simple cake is really easy and thanks to all the new chefs who have been posting recipes over their Instagram profiles which has made it easier than ever. But if the unavailability of ingredients occurs as an issue then you can still do an easy 2-3 ingredients mug cake.

Karaoke night with dinner

Roll up your sleeves and get ready for a family karaoke session. Let her enjoy the dinner like a fancy restaurant and sing her a nice mother’s day song. Let her know how special she is for you in your own words.

MOST IMPORTANTLY LOVE HER!!! She loves you unconditionally, let her know everyday that you love her the same way too.

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