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Denims are everyone’s favorite be it any season as they are a great last minute option and can be paired with tops, tees and kurtis etc. But wearing same jeans for long can be a bit boring but at the same time we also find the greatest comfort in our go to pair. As summer is all about vibrant colours and experiments, so here are few ways by which you can switch the appearance of your favourite denim jacket or jeans instead of tossing them away.

Tips to change the style of denims:

-You can trace out your favourite slogan or animation on your jeans/jacket and colour with acrylic paints of your choice. No need to be perfect, just have fun with the art and craft as even a messier outcome will look good.

-You can change denim jeans into skirt or short just by simple cutting and stitching. Also with denim jackets you can get rid of the sleeves to have a more street look or pair it up with an edgy top underneath.

-Another easy option is to give it a bleach wash or use your creativity to pour the bleach in some specific place like on the pockets or collar of jacket to give a monochromatic look. If you want to change the colour hue of your denims then dip it in fabric dye after you are done with bleaching.

These are the few tips by which you can change the look of our old denims but if you don’t want to wear them again then there are other options too like convert them into rugs,bags, coasters etc. THE OPTIONS ARE ENDLESSS!!!!!

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