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Girls might love diamonds but they do have a soft corner for their mom’s old jewelry too. Be it cutlery or home décor or accessories, silver has its own royalty in some way and gives an aesthetic heritage vibe. You could switch from traditional to boho in milliseconds through it. But no matter how much you take care of your silver collection , it might tarnish with time and make it look like a piece of junk,
While some of you might procrastinate getting it polished but it costs some extra bucks and is not that cheap too.
So below is a simple way that you can polish your silver items at home with easy and obvious available ingredients present at your place:


  • Take any tooth powder in a bowl, an old tooth brush and a cotton cloth. Make sure that you dont replace it with tooth paste as tooth powder works much better (tried and tested)
  • Coat the product nicely with the tooth powder and start rubbing it with the tooth brush, you will see the tarnish getting off. Be patient while doing so and don’t do it vigorously as the you wouldn’t want anything to break.
  • When you’ve rubbed it thoroughly and nicely and the tarnish is almost gone, clean it with a cotton cloth.
    Anddd, you’re done here!

It is this simple to clean your silver at home and don’t be afraid, it will not harm the product.
Furthermore, your silver might not value as that of gold but still needs to last long and be equally valued. You can prevent the tarnishing at early stages by not replacing the packaging your silver was bought in. It is an anti-tarnish bag the vendors give away in; so let your silver be in that very packaging only.
Add a little piece of chalk in it for it to last long and give the radiance as ever. In cases of jewelry, always wear your jewellery after you’re done wearing your perfume. The fragrant spirits will make your silver short lived.
So you our tips and do not worry about showcasing your expensive silver dining sets to your guests, the more you use your silvers the more they shine and last!

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