How To Style Basic Black Leggings

by Expertish

Leggings have created their space outside the gym now. There’s nothing really comforting than a pair of leggings and altogether even more now they’ve got a great mix with jeans. High placid brands are being innovative with leggings and have literally created a plethora of designs of this one sector. Even our favourite celebs are stepping out with basic black leggings be it their casual dinner date or for the legit airport looks. And we’re sure that there may be a pile of leggings lying in your cupboard with you being clueless about how to style them differently every time that’s why we got you the best basic ways to flaunt them in various ways

If you want a taste of normal life:
Pair up your basic leggings with a graphic tshirt and a denim jacket. Make sure your leggings is of thick material and is opaque. This styling is regular so definitely can never go wrong. Throwing on a denim jacket over just uplifts the game of your outfit. You can wear it in your 20 as well as 40. This never goes out of trend.

If you want to look good for yourself:
Pull over an oversized shirt and put back your hair with a headband. Make sure your oversize hits up middle of upper thigh and if it doesn’t look out for an over oversize. This is the most classic outfit ever and it even covers up your tummy rolls when you sit comfortably.

If you only care about being comfortable:
A crewneck hoodie with comfy socks or of it’s too hot sometimes, alternate it with a chic blazer with a bralette inside. This is the it girl outfit and always makes you feel cute. It looks sophisticated. Even when you’re working and you hate pants, pairing up your leggings with a blazer doesn’t look bad and feel relaxed even.

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