The Top Alternatives For Shein-Online Clothing Stores Available In India

by Expertish

We all know how SHEIN has been a great fashion community when it comes to trendy clothing and accessories. But the unexpected goodbye due to the bam on some 59 Chinese apps that sadly included the top fashion brands like Shein, Club Factory, etc. Shein was like a one-stop destination for all right from the fashionistas to college students. It had a variety of cute and trendy clothes at really affordable price. Not only this, the appealing all year round discounts and coupon codes offered great deals. Although, this app is banned, this gives the other home-grown and local businesses a great opportunity. 
As millennials are in the search for the best alternatives for Shein, here are some of the best apps and websites of online clothing stores you should visit to keep up with the trends that too at super affordable price tags. These fashion-forward and growing fashion communities will deliver the products to your best expectations. 

This fashion brand offers the fresh and carefully selected products that are unique. Ajio keeps up with the latest trends of Indian lifestyle and has been providing customers with wonderful experience. The price tags are reasonable and there is a wide variety of high quality shopping options.

You must be living under a rock if you don’t know about the India’s largest fashion and lifestyle brand, Myntra. The brainchild of Mukesh Bansal, Ashutosh Lawania and Vinnet Saxena, this e-commerce store is a top-notch app when it comes to fashion and lifestyle. With various brands and unique designs, Myntra provides you with an affordable and enjoyable shopping experience. There are various coupons available throughout the year so that you can grab your favourites with highest discount.

With it’s launch in India, Urbanic has introduced new trends especially for every shape of Indian woman. It is setting standards for online brands and a new definition of fashion and beauty by providing customers with beautiful dresses and out of the box collections. You will get a lot to choose from at a very thrifty price.

The Airydress introduces you with the high quality and reasonable products that perfectly fit you. It focuses on around the world trends and features many popular brands. Airydress is an awesome one stop destination for the fashionable accessories and dresses. You can get to try the design by international designers with very fair deals.

So this fashion brand from Surat was founded in 2017 by three sisters who aimed at delivering the best combination of national as well as international clothing. Urbansuburban has a bilingual logo which points towards the fusion of Indian and western material to bring about the best of fashion trends. Because of their fair prices every woman can dress and style herself with their clothing in very subtle yet modern way.

Nori clothing official(NJAL)
So, NotJustAboutLabels is a fashion brand founded in 2008 and is based in Delhi. It provides you with the handcrafted modern style outfits that are very lively. It supports new artists and engages a global audience. This makes it a better alternative to Shein. The products are chic and latest with affordable prices.

Alaya By Stage3
They are all about Elegant, Effortless, Edgy and Easy. Their designs are exquisite and are actually loved by many celebrities and fashion influencers. The platform also offers rental service to your doorstep and the collection consists of cult pieces by Manish Malhotra, Sabyasachi , Papadont’tpreach and many other top brands of India.

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