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Hairfall is quite an usual problem and at the same time quite annoying too. There are million of searches you do over “how to prevent/reduce/stop/kill hairfall?” and all of them mostly lead you to buying superficial expensive products that contain magic beans in it and would stop your hairfall in a beat. We don’t want to disappoint you by saying that throw away your boujee shampoo right away but doing certain basic and the simplest habits can reduce hairfall gradually and effectively especially if the cause isn’t related to any health issues and hormonal imbalances. As there are several other factors too that you might be unaware of and but the following habits are important to:

Comb your hair pre shower

Always untangle your hair before showering you hair. Tangled hair tends to form knots of their own and result in stubborn messy hair which doubles the chances of hair falling. You pretty much are going to rub your head while you shampoo in order to clean it, so tangled hair which already may be in a lot of mess increases the potential to go your hair haywire and result in an increased hair fall problem.

Do a loose plait before hitting the bed

Bun or a pony might be easy and comforting to wear but the loose hair strands may have a possibility to fall. When you tie a bun or a pony your hair get tangled with eventual 10 minutes and that is the reason you wake up to hair lying on your pillow. Run a comb through your hair gently in order to detangle it and tie a loose clean plait so that your hair remain in one place without falling out.

Switch hair brush with a wide tooth comb

Hair brush might reach out to each strand of your hair but at the same time they may irritate your scalp as well. Your hair are more delicate and gentle when they’re wet so they don’t want a brush that would pull the roots. A wide tooth comb would untangle your hair in sets so that they can have a moment to themselves and not irritate your scalp by reaching out to it gently.

Put a hold on regular styling

Frequent hair styling techniques and chemical applications to your hair can weaken your hair follicles and result in damaged and lifeless hair later. Most people who may be allergic to chemicals or unaware of the duly techniques still sometimes prefer to the heat styling tools which when used regularly can cause a lot of hair breakage. Sure the Ariana Grande ponytail looks great but we’re sure that she too doesn’t do it to her hair everyday and there’s an involvement of wigs too. So if you really want to look like your favorite celeb and dream of having the same kind of locks then the reality is that it involves a lot of hair extensions, professionalism and extreme haircare.

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