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It’s a common hair care fact that your hair is most fragile and prone to breakage when it’s wet. People often get attracted to more complexed solutions rather than focusing on the basic necessities. The same thing happens when it comes to the maintenance of their hair.

We have seen people buying tons of product believing that they will drastically change either the texture of their hair or make them voluminous just like they show it in ad commercials in which the xyz celebrity has put on so many layer of extensions, glossy serums and a very generous touch of photoshop. Even if you can afford a luxury hair mask, it’s of no use until and unless you take care of your hair by doing some simple yet basic hair care steps like switching your rough cotton towel with a microfibre one. Now you might think that what one switch in towel can do but if you think about the whole process of washing your hair then everyone’s common goal is to have luscious ,soft locks. So for that people buy shampoo and conditioner which suits them the best but if you are drying your hair with something that has such rough texture and causes a lot of friction then all your money has totally gone to waste. It’s the same thing as if you buy the perfect cleanser but dry your skin in a vigorous manner which will not only destroy all the goodness your skin will be getting from the cleanser but also degrade the texture of your skin.


– Microfibre towels can cut on the drying time of your hair by quickly absorbing water as compared to the regular cotton towel. This speed up the drying time in the most efficient way because if you wrap your hair towel for a long time then it might over dry your hair which tends to cause a lot of frizziness.

– As the name says microfibre towel are made up of very fine material which is a lot more gentle and smoother on your strands. They don’t have those tiny loops which are there on the cotton towels that often get caught between your locks and cause breakage while brushing your hair.

– The material of microfibre towel is perfect for fine hair as it is soft and doesn’t cause friction thereby helping to prevent not only the appearance of split ends but also reduce hair breakage.

– Some people also use old t shirts to dry out their hair because the fabric of t shirts is quite gentle on hair but it can’t absorb a lot of water and that’s why microfibre towels are a perfect way to manage wet hair without damaging the shaft or cuticle.

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