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In this busy world all we need are quick solutions for our problems even if our health is at stake. There is a reason why people are making videos on “How to lose 5 kg in a week” because no one is patient enough to give time to their body and work it out in a proper manner. Ask yourselves whose transformation journey will you be interested in if there is a person who took 6 months to get in the perfect shape or the on who took 15 days? We all know the answer to this question so instead of naming  and elaborating on these Fad Diets , let’s get to know why and how they are harmful for our health.


As they claim quick results , that is why there are always some kind of strict rules involved like skipping on carbohydrates or not having essential fats in your diet etc. Doing this deprives your body from some of the most valuable nutrients it needs in the long run. No one should follow a diet or a lifestyle which is not only unhealthy but also not sustainable for your future. There are tons of people who have forced themselves to have some sort of meals which they don’t even like and literally have it daily like obsessing with oats and eating it every day though they not only hate it but also have serious cravings for food they enjoyed having and can’t because some non sense article they read or listened to someone who told them to skip Rajma Chawal and have oatmeal instead.  Well,  we all know how upset your mind and your body is going to be over changes like these in your diet .Long story short , if temporary fixes is what your need for your body then you are free to follow these fad diets  but if you really care about your health and don’t want your body to suffer in any which way then just stay away from them.


One thing which needs to be addressed properly and explained in the right manner is losing weight quickly isn’t a good thing. The notion that has been created around people about rapid weight loss is totally wrong because this is how everyone gets trapped in following an unhealthy lifestyle .When one goes on extreme diets , you experience major weight loss and that too in a short span of time. What a lot of people don’t realize is that they are actually losing much needed muscle mass and water weight instead of excess fat and when we lose the muscle mass , the metabolism of body slows down because of which the weight bounces after a while and even increases sometime. You should always reduce or gain weight in moderation , if there’s a rapid fluctuation in your weight then it can result in having adverse effect on  your health.


Our generation knows all the benefits that come from working out regularly and there are  so many form of exercises that you can choose from like High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) , Pilates, Power Yoga, Aerobics, Zumba, Boxing and the list goes on but still they tend to forget it’s importance while following these fad diets because apparently the trend on social media says there is no need to exercise when you are on low calorie diet or a high protein diet or on a no brainer diet.. DUH!! The thing is exercise is always linked to losing weight or gaining muscles but its so much more than that. It boosts your confidence, de-stress your mind and helps you to sleep better. It is one of the main things to lead not only a  healthy but a happy lifestyle. And not only this , it’s also important to keep your body moving in order to prevent your metabolism from slowing down. Many of us have 9-5 jobs or even work for longer hours , others stay at home and indulge in day to day errands and forget to keep up with their health, so no matter what your daily schedule is if you can’t take out the time for your body then no one but only you are going to suffer because what’s the point of fueling up your car if you are not going to drive it. At some point it will start getting rusted , so the same way it is not only important to give your body sufficient amount of nutrients  but  it’s also necessary to keep it moving.


If you want to lead a healthy and sustainable life  while achieving your body goals side by side and without having the fear that that your weight might bounce back  then start with balanced diet and drink plenty of water. Good nutrition is the best way to boost your physical as well as mental health. Start your day with a fulfilling breakfast as it is and will always remain  the most important meal of the day. Avoid packaged and processed food and especially the ones which contain high amount of artificial sugar as they contribute  nothing to your body but instead  disrupts your hormones, skin and health. Eat more of fresh vegetables and fruits and choose from the ones which are seasonal and local rather than those fancy imported ones which  are available in super market stores because they lack in a lot of essential micro nutrients. Don’t forget to have handful of nuts daily and always include some form of protein in each of your meal. Oils, ghee , butter have a very bad reputation in the food industry but when used wisely in  the right amount and with the right ingredient it can do wonders to your health. The main thing is that what matters is to focus on portion control because excess weight gain is a lot of times a result of over eating or focusing on one single nutrients and ignoring others and same goes for other body goals.

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