Black Water : Is the Hype Worth Your Money

by Expertish

We have been listening and reading this since childhood that drinking water is essential for our health. It is often said that one should keep their body well hydrated as it’s highly beneficial for both mind and body.Now the question is that whether only water is essential or the type of water we consume is important too. Generally if we ask people what is the colour of the water they drink or prefer to drink, the answer will be transparent but will you believe that the colour of water can be different, in fact it can be “black” too? and no we are not talking about the unhygienic muddy water.

We recently came across a new kind of drinking water which is “Black” in colour and is said to be good for our body just like regular drinking water or may be more. If you are thinking why the black colour and where does it comes from then it is due to the presence of blended natural minerals sourced from deep within the Earth’s crust. The black water is alkaline in nature that is pH level is greater than 7 like 8 or 9 as compared to the the pH level of normal drinking water which is 7.


“EVOCUS” is India’s first natural black alkaline water, which contains of over 70 natural trace minerals infused into completely purified water packed in a bottle fully automated, sterile, pharma-grade plant and untouched by human hands. The black colour of this water comes from the blended natural minerals sourced from deep within the Earth’s crust discovered by renowned scientist Dr. Norbert Chirase, from Texas, USA. Dr. Chirase holds a PhD in nutrition and is a leading nutritional consultant and an expert in health and wellness.

The taste of the black water is really different and a bit too earthy which is obvious because of it’s origin. As we are so used to the bitter taste of water because of the regular ROs in our house, you might find Evocus black water on the unpleasant side .

This water is available in 500 ml bottles priced at INR 100. The quantity is less and price is high according to middle class families. It can add burden to the budget if they include this water in their daily life. But if you can afford it then having it once a week or every alternate days can be just fine.

Alkaline water can soothe acid reflux in your body and improve your immunity. The addition of 70 minerals makes it more hydrating and beneficial due to the addition of magnesium and calcium. Also alkaline water is rich in antioxidants which can help in preventing your body from free radicals. Due to this you can also see benefits on your skin as free radicals are said to cause dullness and pigmentation. But beware of over consuming it as it might harm the food bacteria in your stomach which can cause problem in digestion and acne as well. Start from having it once or twice a week and see how your body adapts to it.

There is no proven study which tells the long term benefits or side effects of consuming black water. As the results differ from person to person it’s important to be consistent with any product to gain maximum benefits and same goes for the Evocus black water. But can we call it as a necessity? Absolutely NO!!! and especially at this price. There are tons of remedies and local foods available that one can adapt to get rid of toxins and enrich their system with beneficial minerals and electrolytes especially for those who can’t afford or would rather pass on buying half a litre of water priced at 100 rs.

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