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As there is a huge probability that the lockdown may extend in India because of COVID-19 and because of that people are hoarding onto food and groceries without knowing the consequences on the unprivileged section of our society. We all are aware of our daily diet and that of our family’s too, so it’s better to stock up according to the need rather than hoarding onto stuff which will literally go to waste. Moreover our farmers are suffering a lot because of the lack of customers and supply to different states that’s why it’s better to buy local fruit’s,vegetables, spices etc. for whatever benefit we can do to the economy. Also it’s recommended to consume foods which are light on your stomach and easily digestible since our activities are very minimal these days. So here is the list of some essentials you can stock up and incorporate easily during quarantine:

Nutrient-Rich Essentials
Rice,pulses,kidney beans,soya beans,grams,chickpeas are all part of our everyday essentials. We consume them usually but stress over them in this time because they’re flexible and easy on your stomach. They’re rich in protein and as we know it,protein is easiest to digest. It will also help you build up your immune system which we all need during this time.

Turmeric,coriander powder,cumin,asafoetida,red chilli powder,whole mustard,dried curry leaves are essential to spice up our foods and make them tasty. These spices have their own flavouring essences,and they can literally make up or break up the dish. Some of the spices like cumin powder and turmeric powder give just more than adding taste to the dishes. They’re anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory that’s why each of them hold so much importance in every Indian kitchen.

Stock up onions,potatoes,tomatoes,chillies,ginger and garlic in the right amount instead of buying the whole vegetable market. You need these 5 vegetables in almost every item you cook so make sure you have them. They can individually be dishes too or be a part of other dishes you make. They go on for days without any problem without getting stale and infact potatoes,onions,ginger and garlic can last upto 3-4 months in the refrigerator. You can even grind garlic,ginger and chillies together and store them up as a paste as it’s easier to use. Ginger and garlic paste not only add wondrous taste to the dishes but also give prime benefits of strengthening immune system and reduces bloating.

For easy and healthy breakfast,you can buy out muesli, oats, chia seeds, flax seeds, eggs, cheese, sooji, besan. You could have fruits with muesli or oats,it is super crunch and tasty and top them up with your favourite seeds or berries. With eggs and cheese, you can make cheesy omelette and top them with your choice of sauce. And on days when you like your breakfast spicy and indian, you can go with sooji or besan cheela,roast them in ghee/clarified butter. Do not ever run away from ghee. Ghee is super healthy and it will make your cheelas super tasty.

Healthy Snacks
Stack up snack time munchies like peanuts,roasted chana, roasted chana, poha,dry fruits. They’re widely available and accessible. You can even start your day with dry fruits. They keep you satiated and filled for a long time and energized throughout the day. Instead of binging onto unhealthy potato chips,you can munch on them guilt free.

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