Surya Namaskar and it’s benefits

by Expertish

Since ancient time people have worshipped, offered respect and prayers to the Sun and one the most practice form of doing so is Surya Namaskar or Sun Salutation. Sadhguru quoted “Surya Namaskar is about integrating the Sun within you. There is no life on this planet which is not solar powered” which is absolutely true.

Surya Namaskar is a complete workout for the whole body both internally as well as externally. From helping you to age gracefully to increasing your energy level, Surya Namaskar can help you to achieve it all. It is said that one must practice at least five rounds of Surya Namaskar daily for well being of overall health.


  • One of the primary benefits of Surya Namaskar is to strengthen the entire body
  • It is a proven remedy to cure blood pressure and strengthen heart muscles.
  • Surya Namaskar also helps to lubricate sore muscles and joints. There is also a scientific factor linked to it. As sun rays are a rich source of vitamin D, that’s why when you practice Surya Namaskar daily facing the sun , it keeps your bones strong and helps to clear vision.
  • Doing Surya Namaskar also eases digestion by stimulating Pingala/Surya Nadi.
  • It can also decrease menstrual cramps and balance your endocrine system.
  • The breathing sequence of inhaling during backward bending postures and exhaling during forward bending postures help to strengthen the lungs and keeps them healthy.

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