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In this fast pace world everything has become instant to reduce our efforts and give us comfort. But too much comfort isn’t good. When we get addicted of being comfortable we start avoiding physical work and that results in early over stressing, anxiety and diseases like high cholesterol, blood pressure, diabetes, arthritis, bones thinning and so on. According to a research by Yale it was found that exercising for 45 minutes three to five times a week was associated with the biggest benefits. For a healthy life both physical and mental health is important. For mental health you need to feel happy from inside and do whatever makes you happy but for good physical health you need to follow few easy steps to keep your whole body fit and in shape.

Step up exercise can be done by beginners as it’s not that hard and one can do it anywhere without the requirement of bigger space. This exercise builds strength in both the legs equally because you are stepping up with one leg each time. It is a good replacement of machine cardio and doesn’t leave pressure on our back. it increases the mobility in hips, quads and calves.

Below are some variations you can add as a part of your daily cardio.

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