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We keep on falling for products, brands and marketing gimmicks that endorse the idea of looking “perfect” and totally forget that such products can harm not only our skin, hair or body but also effect us on a mental level. Society has done their fare share of manipulating us with what should be considered as beautiful but in reality beauty has got nothing to do with physical appearance.

Observing the current health situation in majority of people caused due to medicines, remedies and food supplements which they generally take directly or indirectly in their body without any prescription from doctor or a person with expertise has resulted in several health issues

It is a fact that rules and regulation implemented by government can effect the actions and thinking of society but this issue was always ignored until now. As recently The ministry of Health and Family Welfare has finalised Drugs and Magic Remedies Amendment Bill in 2020. This bill has been brought to ban the advertisement of products and magic remedies that claim to cure diseases or any physical condition by their products. This Amendment will prohibit advertisement and promotions of products like fairness cream, health drinks, sexual performance enhancing drugs, anti aging products, height improvement drugs, brain capacity increasing drugs that change fetal gender an so on.

Under this act companies advertising or promoting such products that claim to cure the physical condition of people will be punished with imprisonment of 5 years and penalty of 50 lakhs. This bill of govt has been brought up to save people from being cheated by companies in hope of getting better. The purpose of this bill is to create awareness among people We should not discriminate each other on the basis of colour, height ,weight or mental or physical ability and instead respect each other and spread love.

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