Easy Makeup Tips For Glasses Wearers

by Expertish

Agree to this or not, glasses are chic and sexy in someway. They were always believed to be for the geek and studious ones but now in this century with so much of advancement everybody loves to styles them because of so man y variants and extremely cool designs. But if you are someone who has glasses as a part of fate and can’t find a way to complement them with your attire and makeup then we got you covered. We are totally aware of the fact that glasses are so much more comfortable than eye lenses and here are some tips that will help you to compliment them :

Focus on the eyes

When you give your eyes the definition they need, they do the talking without the support of your lips. So play with eye shadows, wing your eyeliner, darken the pencil beneath your eyes. Your face is going to look bold if your eyes look bold.

Remember your brows

If you put on glasses the first thing displayed along with glasses from a distance is your brows so you need to be sure they’re correctly shaped and they look clean. So use a brow pencil to fill in the spare areas and shape up your brows nicely. Full and defined brows not only structure your eyes but also your face so be careful while you do it!

Conceal Conceal Conceal

Glasses cast shadows down your eyes so you need to conceal down your eyes to not make it look too dark from a distance so opt for a shade closest to your skin. Choosing a shade closest to your skin will make the concealer blend nicely and make it look more natural covering the under eye area effectively.

No more indents

Swap your liquid foundation for a powder one since it is lighter than the liquid one. You want to choose a powder foundation because you want the foundation to absorb and blend in your skin leaving no creases below your eyes. Glasses tend to touch around the cheeks and below your eyes so they might leave an impression downside forming makeup creases below your eyes. Spend sometime blending your foundation nicely onto your skin to make it smooth and natural!

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