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Using a beauty sponge to blend your makeup is the easiest task but cleaning it is surely the hardest one. Every makeup applicator is prone to bacteria and that’s why it is essential to keep it clean for the sake of your face and also to keep your makeup tool in the best condition. One can experience major breakouts, irritation and uneven application if your makeup brushes or sponge are in poor shape.


It’s no news that a sponge which is layered with tons of foundation, colors and powders won’t be able to blend your makeup in the right manner. As mentioned above it will also have adverse effects on your skin because a dirty blender is breeding ground for all sorts of germs. Not only this, if you clean your blender the wrong way for example with harsh cleansers or not cleaning at all can cause micro cuts or tears in it which will ruin your makeup sponge. As it is important to keep your skin well prepped before makeup application, the same way it’s important to always keep your beauty sponge clean and ready for use. You must have seen lots of way to clean it like microwaving or double cleansing but we have got a simple, tried and tested version which will save your time and money.

(just follow these simple steps for a squeaky clean beauty sponge)

1. Take a bowl and fill it up with lukewarm water. Make sure that the water is not extremely hot as it can shrink or ruin your blending sponge. Add 2 table spoons of baby shampoo because it’s a gentle cleanser as compared to a regular shampoo or soap. Mix it well and dip in your sponge. Let it sit for 2-3 minutes so that the sponge swells up and become soft for the cleaning purpose.

2. Next, gently squeeze out all the makeup from the sponge and if the water in your bowl gets too dirty just fill it up again and mix in the baby shampoo. Repeat the process 2-3 times till you see no traces of makeup on your sponge or in the bowl. This method is better than cleaning it under tap water because you will not waste as much water as you would do when you clean it under running water.

3. After this add 2 cups of lukewarm water in the bowl and pour in half tablespoon of antibacterial solution like Dettol. Shampoo does get rid of excess dirt and gunk but this will make sure that your beauty sponge doesn’t has anymore traces of bacteria and germs.

4. Finally rinse it again in the bowl but now with plain lukewarm water so hat the beauty sponge is perfectly clean and also this step will get rid of the smell of disinfectant added earlier. If that bothers you a lot then you can sprits rose water in the bowl and your sponge will smell heavenly after it dries out.

5. Make sure you let your beauty sponge dry in a box with holes or net and keep it in a clean surrounding so that it dries out without being effected by any sort of dirt.

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