Airplane Skincare Routine : Avoid Dull & Dehydrated Skin After A Flight

by Expertish

Taking flights to travel for your quick work trip or a long vacation is the most convenient option. But air travel in particular can be very dehydrating and stressful to our skin. Skin care before and during the flight is a must if you want to prevent purging, dullness and flaky looking skin.

What if you skip skincare before taking a flight?

If you do decide to skip skin care before your flight, bear in mind that your skin could get very dehydrated. Air humidity in a flight is much less when compared to the ground. This makes your skin dry and tight. It also leads to excessive sebum production. And that can cause acne breakout, clogged pores, dull skin. It can also increase fine lines and wrinkles.

So, here are some easy skin care tips that you need to keep in mind.

1. Reduce oil intake to make sure your skin stays soft and supple

The more you have oily food, the more you will produce sebum from your sebaceous glands. Heavy, fatty, or spicy meals ahead of a trip can cause bloating and disrupt your sleeping pattern too. So it’s best to consume light foods filled with fiber and protein.

2. Do minimal makeup 

Whenever you are going to get on a flight keep in mind to wear as minimal makeup as possible. You can use lip and cheek tints, spot concealers, eyeliner etc. But try and keep it as simple and as minimal as you can. The dryness inside a plane can cause your makeup to clog up the pores and that is very bad for your skin.

3. Use cleansing wipes

You should keep your face clean of oil and dirt. Cleansing wipes are the best option to do that. They are easy to use and totally hygienic. Use cleansing wipes every 3-4 hours or as necessary.

4. Don’t use water mist

You might feel that spraying water mist would restore your skin’s hydration. But it actually can cause more dryness and also some puffiness. So it’s best to use oil based serums and moisturizers.

5. Stay hydrated

Keeping your body hydrated is equally important. You should drink at least eight ounces of water every hour you’re in the air to prevent dehydration.

6. Regularly moisturize your face

Using a good moisturizer to keep your face hydrated and nourished .Your skin needs good care to fight the intense dryness inside the flight. So try out hyaluronic acid serums or moisturizers with ceramides.

7. Don’t skip sunscreen

The airplane windows do not provide much protection from the UV rays. And at such high altitudes UV rays are at extreme and quite harmful for the skin. It is preferable to use sunscreen with SPF 50 which prevents the skin from both UVA & UVB rays. Typically a broad spectrum sunscreen with gel formula is ideal so that the skin doesn’t look to p greasy.

8. Use hand lotion and lip balm

Well, don’t forget about your hands and lips. They get dehydrated just as easily as your face. As our lips cannot produce any sebum that’s why tend tend to get chapped in dry air quite easily. So regularly apply hand lotion and lip balm to prevent them from

9. Put on a sheet mask

Last but not the least ,don’t forget your sheet masks. It’s the best and easiest way to give your skin a facial on those long flights. Pamper yourself with hydrating sheet masks, lip masks and under eye pads.

10. Get good sleep

If you are on those long transatlantic flights try and catch some good sleep. Sleep is the best cure for dehydrated and tired skin. Prefer wearing comfy clothes, carry a proper pillow and sleeping masks with you.

If you follow these simple yet effective points you can keep your skin hydrated, healthy and happy on those tiresome flights. Don’t forget to pack your skin care when you are on your vacation because you might need a vacation but your skin doesn’t. Have a great flight while keeping your skin happy.

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