ALL ABOUT SHEET MASKS : What They Are, How To Use and More

by Expertish

When the western cosmetic industry made us believe that the only way to achieve a well nourished skin was by using a moisturizer, the Japanese and Koreans were busy prioritizing hydration above it. They continuously experimented with different ingredients and products to make sure that their daily skincare regime not only gives moisturization but also copes up with the hydration factor which holds equal importance.


No matter what your skin type is , anyone can suffer from dehydration even people with oily skin…Yes!!!! You heard it right. The exciting part happened when sheet mask trend gained so much popularity because people started feeling a subtle natural glow on their skin which was hard to achieve earlier. Sheet masks adhere to your skin and infuse it with concentrated essence or serum present in it. No matter what your skin type, texture or concern is, there are tons of option for everyone out there.


  • WASH YOUR FACE- Always cleanse your face before you apply  sheet mask, this helps to make sure that you don’t have any dirt or excess sebum on your face and the essence present in the mask to penetrate a lot better in your skin.
  • READ THE DIRECTIONS– Some masks mention specific steps before you apply it like wiping your face with a toner so that any residue left from the cleanser you used earlier is removed and also helps to properly absorb the serum from the sheet masks to penetrated properly into your skin. Many people do like to use a toner even if it’s not mentioned in the instructions just to have more prepped skin for the process.
  • DO A PATCH TEST-This is the most important step which a lot of people skip. So before you put the mask on the whole face just take some of the essence or serum from the it and apply it on your face and if you don’t see any reaction after five to ten minutes, you are good to go.
  • APPLY EVENLY- When you apply the sheet mask ,make sure you cover your face as evenly as you can. Try and get rid of the air bubbles by gently pressing and massaging in the mask with the help of your finger. Don’t waste the extra serum or essence , slather it around your neck and on your arms.
  • TIMING IS THE KEY- As stated above it’s important to read the directions carefully, put on a timer according to the time that is mentioned and remove it accordingly. The longer the better thing doesn’t work in the case of sheet masks , so there isn’t absolutely no need to keep it on even after the specified time is over.
  • MASSAGE AND MOISTURIZE- When you remove the sheet mask gently press in the essence and massage it in with the tip of  your fingers. After a few seconds , apply a thin layer of moisturizer suitable for your skin to enhance the nourishment. The ones who have oily skin go for a gel based cream to prevent too much of greasiness.


Sheet masks help in making the skin look brighter, more radiant , luminous and hydrated and that’s because of the concentrated ingredients present in it. Most of them contain hyaluronic acid, which is proven to draw moisture into the skin from it’s surrounding and is much needed for people with dehydrated skin. It also helps in tissue repair and gives a natural glow to the skin. The ones’s that contain vitamin c, kojic acid, papaya extract helps in brightening the skin and to reduce the signs of pigmentation. Sheet masks which have ingredients like oatmeal, honey, bamboo are well suited for sensitive skin and also for those suffering from rosacea. Tomato extract and salycilic  acid are best to deliver results for people with acne-prone skin and to provide an even skin tone and texture. Blueberry extract and other antioxidants work great on protecting your skin from free radicals that can cause cellular damage which results in early signs of aging.


We all have busy schedules and get very minimal time to ourselves which makes it hard to get on with a skincare routine that includes an additional 10-15 min of  applying a sheet mask and this is why it’s perfectly fine to use it 2-3 times a week that too at night when you are done with all the errands. Give yourself and your skin a little time because a good skin can’t be achieved in a day or a month. As they don’t give long term results but if you keep on using them regularly especially before a date night glam , party or an event , you will surely receive tons of compliment on your skin.


As you know most sheet masks are usually of single use, this concept is one of the biggest problem for environment. That’s why it is preferable to use masks which come with refill serum technique or those which can be used multiple times. Also look for brands which make biodegradable packaging and fabric of sheet masks because when it comes to beauty , one should definitely use their brain.

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