Can you really get rid of dark circles?

by Expertish

They say “eyes are the window to your soul”, well we don’t know how true is that but yes one can really tell a lot about your health and age just by a glance at your eyes. One of the most bothersome cosmetic concerns are dark circles. People say that 9 out of 10 people have dark circles and it might actually be true. So many brands have come out with such promising eye creams but the truth is, even the most expensive ones can not help you to get rid of dark circles completely and permanently. There are tons of good one in the market though but that’s something we are not going to focus on. The thing that actually matters is understanding what kind of dark circles you have, why you have them and what you can do that will give you realistic and long lasting results rather than quick and temporary ones.


If you are confused with the fifty shades of drama going under your eyes then we have got an amazing tip which can easily help you to determine which type of dark circle you have:

  • Stretch the outer corner of your eye in the direction of your temples, just the same way you do while applying a winged eyeliner. Now carefully observe the colour of skin around and under your eyes. If you see purple hues then your dark circles are due to Vascular issue. This happens when the skin under your eyes is extremely thin and you can see the veins underneath. But if the skin seems to appear brownish or darker than your skin tone then its because of pigmentation which can occur due to various reasons like sun exposure or genetic factors.
  • Lack of sleep or allergies can also increase fluid build up or congestion in the blood vessels which decreases the circulation thereby giving a darker appearance under your eyes.
  • The next one is Anatomical or Structural type of dark circles. This is due to the bone structure around your eyes. Some people have sunken tear trough which creates a shadow under your eyes resulting in the appearance of dark circles.
  • Also with growing age we tend to lose fat and collagen that can make the veins more visible and also gives more hollow and sunken look.



We often tend to look for solution when the situation gets out of our hands but the wise thing is to control it at the right time with right methods. Same thought needs to be applied in taking care of dark circles because once they get really prominent there’s no going back. Below we have summed up bunch of easy yet effective solution which can reduce their appearance:

  • Stop rubbing your eyes from time to time as this can cause the tiny blood vessels to break and will darken the appearance under your eyes.
  • If your work involves sitting in front of a laptop screen or continuous checking of mails on your phone then take a break after every hour to close your eyes for 2-3 minutes. You can also use a cold compress while doing so or simply put clean, cold spoon to cover your eyes and ease all that strain and tension.
  • Sunscreen can never fail to impress especially those who are prone to pigmentation. Apply sunscreen around your eyes to avoid adverse effects from sun exposure. A little note to keep in mind is not to use sunscreen or any kind of skin product too close to your eyes because it can irritate them. Just simply use it on your eye contour (bone) area.
  • As mentioned before regarding people who have allergies, congestion or sinus tend to get darker appearance around their eye due to build up in blood vessels. A great tip for them is to start practicing “neti pot”. It should be learnt from a professional and done in the right manner. Using neti pot in the right way can be really beneficial but don’t practice it without the correct knowledge and experience as it can have adverse effects if done in the wrong manner.


Treating dark circles basically depend on the cause of their occurrence and must be performed by a board certified dermatologist. The benefit of such treatment is that you may see instant results but the downside is the cost as they can be really expensive.

  1. Microneedling and laser surfacing can help with the vascular type of dark circles by thickening the skin and making it look more plump and bright. It may require 4-6 sessions depending on what your doctor suggests.
  2. People with structural type of dark circles can usually see results within seconds after the treatment like facial fillers. Under eye fillers is a treatment in which hyaluronic acid is injected to fill in the hollows under your eyes and make the skin look thicker and fuller. This treatment again is heavy on the pocket but the results can last for 6 months to 2 years.
  3. Radio frequency skin tightening can also help in making the skin under your eyes look firmer and uplifted.


  • Applying cold compress can help to depuff your eyes and also make them look more awake. Cucumber and aloe vera also serve the same purpose
  • Tea bags or caffeine treatments can temporarily reduce under eye bags as they can narrow blood vessels and calm your skin, thereby reducing the appearance of dark circles caused due to vascular issues.
  • Almond oil is rich in antioxidants and also has anti-inflammatory properties. With regular use of it, you may see the appearance of dark circles getting light. Moreover it also nourishes the skin and can add suppleness under your eyes.
  • Yoga and meditation has been proven to reduce stress which can help you to sleep better at night. A lot of time lack of sleep is one of the main cause of dark circles and that’s why it is recommended to give your body and mind the rest it needs.
  • Practicing gua she for facial massage regularly relaxes tension in facial muscles and also around your eyes.
  • Spray good quality rosewater in your eyes as the first thing in morning. This not only helps to look more refreshed but also brightens your eye contour area.
  • Last but not the least eat local, seasonal and a balanced diet and stay away from fad diets!!!

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