Debunking The Most Common Beauty Myths

by Expertish

We all can never get enough of beauty tips and advices but some of them have become widespread without any logical explanation. It’s easy to fall for any sort of information when it goes viral but one should be always check the facts especially when it comes to your skin, body or hair. So read on to learn about the most common beauty myths that need to be busted.

1. Moisturizers are only for dry skin type

Our skin requires some proper care to stay soft and supple–no matter what skin type we have. And just as cleansing and exfoliating , regular moisturization is another part of it that we simply cannot ignore, irrespective of our skin type. Dry, normal, and even oily skin require moisturization. Using a moisturizer replenishes the hydration levels of the skin, thus keeping a proper pH balance. It also shields the skin from coarse pollutants, dirt, etc. For oily skin, one should go for non-greasy and lightweight moisturizers.

2. A cloudy day is a good reason to skip sunscreen

Sunscreen is the one helpful thing that protects you from the sun’s harmful rays, and those rays can pass through the clouds easily. So, skipping your sunscreen during your daily skincare routine just because it is cloudy outside, is something that you should never do. Many Dermatologist advice everyone to wear sunscreen all year round. During monsoons, as the precipitation is high, you can use a gel-based sunscreen to avoid excessive oil secretion.  

3. Shaving your hair makes it grow back thicker

This theory of the growth of thicker, in place of fine hair once you shave your body parts, is a myth that has been persistent. According to research conducted by the Mayo Clinic, shaving the body hair will not make it grow faster and thicker. What might happen is that once you shave, your hair might get a blunt tip, which feels coarse or stubbly for sometime. During this phase, the hair may appear to be dark and thick, but it is of normal parameters. 

4. Toothpaste is a good remedy for pimples

You should only apply those products on your skin which are especially formulated for it. Toothpastes have coarse abrasives and harsh chemicals that can harm your skin and cause trauma to it. In most cases it has been seen that applying toothpaste to pimples caused extreme irritation and dryness.

5. If you pluck one grey hair, several others will grow around it

It is a known fact that hair grows from hair follicles which have their separate hair pigment cells. When a gray hair appears, it is because the particular pigment cell for that follicle has undergone cell death. If you pluck the grey hair, only a single hair will grow in its place and since the pigment cell is dead for that follicle, the new hair will be grey as well. 

6. You can shrink your skin pores permanently

Unfortunately for us, the size of our skin pores is never going to change, no matter what the topical creams that we use might promise us. But one positive thing is that the pores become more visible or enlarged only if they are congested, and there are many ways you can decongest clogged pores by using chemical exfoliants and retinoids

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