Everything You Need to Know About The New Acne- Maskne

by Expertish

Covid-19 came with an unbearable amount of chaos which led to different norms and practices. One such mandatory habit that we all had to adapt is wearing mask on a daily basis. Though gradually everyone got used to the discomfort but one concern which became quite bothersome is the new breed of acne called “Maskne”.

Whenever skin barrier is compromised due to irritation it often leads to inflammation and breakouts. The constant pressure and friction on the skin results in “maskne “. It can be observed mainly on the lower part of face which is generally surrounded or covered when one wears mask. Apart from the physical tension, breathing inside masks create moisture which is a breeding ground for bacteria to multiply and cause breakouts.

Who All Are Prone To Maskne?

Maskne can appear as tiny bumps below your cheekbones or around the jawline and chin. Some people might also notice red and inflamed breakouts that can be painful when touched.
Those who have dry and sensitive skin are much more prone to maskne as the lack of natural oils on the skin surface can lead to more friction and irritation.

Health care and front line workers or anyone else whose profession requires them to wear tighter PPE for long hours can observe this type of acne much more than others.

How To Prevent Maskne?

  • Skin prep before and after wearing mask holds utmost importance. Make sure to use a mild cleanser and hydrating/soothing moisturizer at both times. If a sink is inaccessible then carry a good quality micellar water or non-rinse cleansing water.
  • If it’s not mandatory for you to wear surgical masks then choose a fabric that is not harsh on skin, You can opt for handmade masks made from cotton, silk and polyester. The mask must have adequate amount of layers to give proper protection or should include some sort of padding between the layers which will also prevent it from forming pressure against the skin.
  • Do not forget to wash the reusable masks once worn outside and also keep extras in case one is left out to dry or gets moist when worn for long hours.
  • If you are a retinol user then take extra care of your skin barrier by applying anti-inflammatory and nourishing night cream.
  • Instead of physical exfoliation go for chemical ones like products which have salicylic acid. Do not go overboard with it and keep the usage between 1-2 times a week. This will not only prevent flaking and breakouts but will also keep your skin in good condition.
  • Avoid slathering on pimple cream over the affected area go for Spot Treatment or Pimple Patches to treat maskne without disrupting the skin barrier

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