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Clean beauty has become a real thing over the last few years and brands do not only now stress over putting nature’s essence into their products but also influence on creating more natural and pure products. Most people have the mindset that if a product has natural ingredients it would be cheaper but the reality is extracting them in the purest form and using unadulterated ingredients is a bit expensive. So what happens when we can’t afford something??? The artist in us takes control and the next moment we will find us doing some sort of DIY. Most of us must have a bunch of skincare diy recipes on their tips because of our mothers or grandmothers and those homemade masks are quite easy and simple to make but if the food adulteration can effect your body then it can do the same to your skin too. We got a list of ingredients you should be careful about before putting them on your skin or using a bad quality version.

Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil is comedogenic in nature that is it can clog your pores. It does have antibacterial properties but applying it over any breakout can irritate the skin and make it even worse. It has been known to minimise pores but debunking the myth it actually suffocates your skin and sits on top of your skin. Sensitive and blemished skin should actually steer clear or use it in a moderation just to soothe skin and avoid keeping it overnight. It’s actually preferable to cook your meals in it to gain the antibacterial properties rather than slathering it all over your skin.

Lemon Juice

Lemon juice for skin care is quite common but if it’s not used after dilation,it can cause serious permanent damage (sensitive skin be aware) to skin as it is extremely acidic. Applying it directly to your skin may increase the risk of sunburn , pigmentation and inflammation on your skin. Lemon juice has a pH of 2, which makes it extremely acidic. Putting pure lemon juice on skin will disrupt the latter’s acid balance, destroying its immunity to environmental toxins and causing a significant amount of irritation on the cellular level. To be on the safer side ,dilute lemon juice by mixing it with other ingredients to cut down it’s pH level and don’t step out in the sun for good 8-9 hours after you’ve washed it off. Also don’t forget Sunscreen!!Sunscreen!!Sunscreen!!

DIY Scrubs/Exfoliants


Using an abrasive scrub such as walnut or coconut grounds can result in microscopic tears into your skin. When overused, all exfoliants have the potential to irritate or straight-up damage your skin. The reasoning goes that facial scrubs with large, rough particles leave invisible cuts called micro-tears in their wake—and those tears allow all sorts of nasty stuff to penetrate your skin. So bewaree you all.


Curcumin which is found in turmeric will leave a yellow stain on your skin. While turmeric is an age old ingredient known to heal almost every body problem;it might not suit everyone especially if you have over sensitive skin. Turmeric even after withholding bundles of anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties still have shown to leave redness,itchiness and dryness in some skin types after applying it directly to skin. You can use it in moderation after dilating it by mixing it with other ingredients like aloe-vera or besan (gram flour). The easiest and safest option to have the benefits of turmeric for your skin is by including it in a tea/water form or making it a part of your daily meals. It will just not only solve your skin issues but also detoxify your body.



Cinnamon can burn your skin! It can also cause irritations and allergic reactions. Recently,Maria Lopez, a famous vlogger from France posted a video of how she applied the cinnamon mask to her face. A fan following her foot steps and scrutinised her since it didn’t work for her. She developed big red patches on her skin learning it could be dangerous for some skins. Every skin type has its own suited ingredient so you must try what floats your boat. Cinnamon could cause serious irritation and itching at times so you got to be cautious and apply a tinge of everything on your hand before you do it on you face just to play the game safe.

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