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Filled with so many vitamins, minerals and healthy fats, Hemp Oil which comes from then small seeds of Cannabis Sativa plant is actually beneficial for your body, skin and overall health. The presence of magnesium, potassium, vitamin B1 & B2, omega3, omega6 fatty acids and vitamin E has made it quite popular for internal as well as external use.

It’s difficult to maintain dry and dehydrated skin in winters as it tends to get a lot more parched and flaky. The new buzz in skincare world is the addition of hemp seed oil which made us wonder if it’s actually worth it or just a hype. After going through various studies including the one by Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, University of Kuopio, Finland which proves that Hemp Seed Oil has the qualities to improve both dryness and itchiness because of the balanced and abundant supply of PUFAs, our next step was to try a product containing hemp seed oil.


Moisturisation is one step that one must follow during any season especially those with dry and dehydrated skin. That’s why to experience the benefits of hemp seed oil we chose a moisturiser without harsh chemicals and toxins. The creme visage from Conscious Chemist which is suitable for all skin types has extracts of matcha green tea and hemp seed oil.

  • Presence of matcha green tea worked great to soothe the skin and and also reduces inflammation. You can also observe smoother skin texture as it has the ability to protect the skin against free radicals. Matcha is also good for acne as it decreases excess sebum production
  • Within a week of using this moisturiser we observed that dry patches were reduced immensely and the skin felt hydrated and plump. We know there are people who might think that hemp seed oil might clog your pores but its non comedogenic nature makes it suitable for even people with oily skin. Though results may vary from person to person but it’s a must try if you are looking for a low maintenance skincare this season. Just use a mild cleanser and moisturise your skin with this hemp seed oil and matcha goodness and you are good to go(NEVER SKIP SUNSCREEN) We would love to try out new products with hemp seed oil as the first attempt was totally upto the mark


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