How To Deal With Body Acne-Bacne

by Expertish

Everyone who has ever combatted or is currently combatting acne knows that’s there is no one particular reason of acne. Some say it’s the water intake, while some blame excess of oil in the skin or sometimes it’s your favorite makeup product that is to be blamed. So apparently there are multiple reasons for your face acne but when the summer arises and you discover that it is just not your face to develop acne but your body too. Well, it is similar to face acne! There is no one particular reason, it takes multiple things to sum up and cause these itchy bacne and we have figured out the most common ones:

Dirty shower accessories: You never know what’s in your towel if it has been kept for several days on the same spot so make sure to clean it every now and then! Any thing that has been lying at one place from a long time unwashed is bound to harbor bacteria and germs and their contact with your skin is going to cause acne. Steer clear and wash your shower accessories.

Shampoo and conditioner: A lot of shampoos and conditioners contain sulphate in them so yes anybody who’s asking you to switch to organic sulphate-free products is not wrong. When you rinse your head it’s your back area where they can end up at so thoroughly wash your back too after cleaning up your hair. If it still persists then consider changing your hair products and opting for more greener and gentler ones.

Tight and sweaty workout wear: They never say wrong when they say ‘shower right after working out’. We understand you cannot replace your workout wear but because of their unbreathable fabric they become a ground for bacteria and germs so make sure you wash yourself nicely right after working out!

Avoiding creamy shower gels: Your luscious shea butter body wash may have an appealing fragrance but is going to do no good if it doesn’t contain salicylic, glycolic and lactic acid. Salicylic will exfoliate your skin’s surface pricking out the sebum inside, glycolic will prevent dead skin cells to leave marks and red spots and lastly lactic acid with smoothen your skin fading the dark spots if any.

Moisturize lightly: Use a moisturizer that soothes and avoid breakouts and is non-comedogenic. Preferably one should be healing or have cooling properties like one with some aloe vera, gotu kola extract would be the best. Do not opt for hard fragrant moisturizers to worsen the acne.

Spot treat blemishes: Use salicylic acid to treat your blemishes. Salicylic acid is a BHA ( Beta-Hydroxy Acids) that unclogs your pores, allowing the sebum to pop out while contrarily removing the dead skin cells. Apply it overnight so that it has long hours to seep in and work its best!

Fading dark marks: Use a brightening serum to fade the dark marks and scars left behind your acne. Brightening serum that contain Vitamin c are good to fade away the scars

Schedule a back facial: Just like your face you back needs super exfoliation too so be regular with your salon facial appointments. Facial generally involves scrubbing and treating. So it will scrape off the dead skin first and soothe your pores after pulling out the dead skin causing acne and later treat it by a nice mask! If you prefer doing it your own then use a exfoliating glove or a back brush and massage in the exfoliator, followed by a salicylic acid wash and lastly moisturize with a brightening emulsion.

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