How To Get Rid Of Chin acne? Best Way To Deal With Adult Acne

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We all thought that our acne days would be over along with our high school. But adulting is incomplete without dealing with Adult Acne especially Chin Acne. There are many factors which can trigger breakouts like your lifestyle and physical health too. They have the tendency to increase overnight and can spread towards the jaw line too. But don’t worry as we have figured out the cause and best solutions too.


To cure your chin acne, you need to get to the root cause of the acne first. Acnes can occur due to Staphylococcus aureus infestation when the bacteria react with the oil and sebum that are secreted through the pores on your face. Hence, the more grime collects on your face, the more will be the sebum secretion and you will have a higher chance of developing acnes. Not to forget, there are some hormonal actions of the development of acnes as well.

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1. Avoid Dairy
It is surprising, but dairy can actually cause breakouts. Dairy products cause hormonal imbalances. It increases testosterone and estrogen levels in the body. Increased hormones lead to sebum production and acne. 

2. Use A Retinoid 
Apart from having anti-aging properties, retinoids also help in preventing chin acne. Regular use of retinoids can keep your skin clean and bright. Retinoids help unclog pores which help in reducing acne and breakouts.

3. Look For Some Non-Corrosive Facewash
Your facewash has a huge role to play in asserting the chances of whether you can develop chin acnes or not. As the root cause of acnes is dust and dirt particles, you need to use a non-corrosive facewash daily in order to keep your skin free from any pollutants. If you see a breakout of numerous acnes, use your facewash and run gently on the spots where the acnes have developed. The facewash will help clean the pores and declog them, thus getting rid of the bacteria that were causing the chin acne. 

4. Exfoliate Regularly
Dead skin cells, bacteria, dirt, and debris mix with the oil on your skin, and cause breakouts. Exfoliation leads to unclogging of the pores and deep cleansing of the face. However, do use a gentle exfoliant and not something which is harsh on skin. Salicylic acid is a good exfoliant. It works by deep cleaning your pores and AHAs work by sloughing away dead skin cells.

5. Use Hydrocolloid Patches

Acne patches have become very popular among influencers and instagramers. It has a number of benefits too. These patches are not effective on their own to heal chin acne but they help in absorbing excess oil from the area and prevent you from touching the acne continuously. 

6. Use Less Spot Treatment
Spot treatment may be very effective when it comes to acne prevention. But using too much can cause damage to your skin. When it comes to cystic breakouts- salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide and hydrocortisone can be really helpful in killing bacteria and calming the redness.

7. Keep skin care routine simple 
Stick by the less is more chin acne. Overusing strong acne ingredients can lead to damage to the skin’s protective barrier. Damage to the barrier can lead to even more infections. So keep a simple skin care routine and use the products you really need on your skin. A simple face cleanser, lightweight moisturizer, an exfoliant, and a spot treatment are all you need to fight your chin acne.

Well, these are a few steps that you can follow to prevent chin acne. Treating chin acne depends on the skin texture and type too. Try not to touch your face a lot and prevent oily and fatty foods. Hope these help you get the perfect skin you want.

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