How To Deal With Puffy Eyes : De-Puff Your Under Eye Bags

by Expertish

Living in the age of Netflix has really cut down on our relaxing time and the one that suffers the most is our eyes. Puffy eyes are a nightmare for many people especially for those who have to go on a date night, a special event or attend a board meeting because the lack of sleep can easily be depicted by those swollen eye bags. Other than sleep, your water intake, daily diet and allergies are also responsible for puffy eyes but don’t worry we have all the solutions laid out for you:


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Cold Spoon– This remedy not only relaxes the blood vessels (relief from puffiness) but also tighten up the skin around your eyes. Put two cold spoons in refrigerator for 30 min and put them on your closed after waking up and gently give your eye contour area a quick massage in circular motions

Cucumber– This one not  heals puffy eyes  and also reduces the appearance of dark circles around your eyes as the astringent properties present in cucumbers helps in reducing inflammation, tighten and lighten the skin.

Tea Bags– Tea bag remedy is the long used method by grandmothers and runaway models for reducing eye puffiness.  The caffeine present in them  helps in reducing swelling around the eyes. You can use any tea bag be it black or green tea, just dip it in cold water for 30 seconds so that the tea leaves inside become soft. Squeeze out the excess water, lay down and put them on your closed eyelids while listening to your favourite song.

Potatoes– Just like cucumbers, potatoes are also effective in getting rid of puffy eyes and lighten the dark circles. Basically, the starch present in potatoes has anti-inflammatory properties that help reduce under eye bags. You can either grate them and then put them on your eyelids or simply slice them thin and cover your eyes. 


Hydrate – One of the main causes of inflammation of face and puffiness around eyes is dehydration. Drink at least 6-8 glasses of water, aim to include fresh coconut water, lemonade in your daily diet to stay hydrated, not only liquids also start having foods and fruits that are rich in water. Rather than just using cucumbers to relieve puffy eyes, it’s better to eat them in salads as cucumbers are very rich in water content. Include other vegetables and fruits like carrots, tomatoes, oranges, strawberries etc to source water -rich food.

Limit sodium intake- Limit your sodium intake by restricting processed, packaged and canned foods. Foods like sausages, salami, frozen meals, processed cheese, etc are high in sodium content that leads to fluid retention in our body and cause puffy eyes. Also have rock salt or sea salt to flavour your food instead of the refined one.
Put salt while you are preparing your meal rather than topping it afterwards.

Limit Diuretics – Consuming too much caffeine, energy drinks or alcohol, leads to puffiness around eyes and also makes you dehydrated. You must have seen that the typical hangover look include big, swollen, puffy eyes, so that’s why it’s either better to call it a quit or have just a glass once in a while.

Fast Food/ Canned Foods – Fast foods and canned foods are high in sodium level. This will make your body retain water and making it puffy whole day and fir canned foods, rinse them well before eating to prevent any excess sodium from creeping in.

Dairy products- Lactose intolerance may cause stomach upset and other intestinal problems when you consume dairy products such as milk, cheese and yogurt. The increase in inflammation caused due to this not effects your digestion but also results in puffy eyes. That’s why try and go easy on dairy and maybe the puffiness will decrease.

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