How To Prevent Dark Spots On Face?

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Dark Spots could be the most common skin concern. Pigmentation or many a times hyper pigmentation is pretty natural after pimple fades away. This usually happens when excess melanin is produced during the healing of a wound, irritated skin or inflammation. Post inflammatory pigmentation makes the skin around the effected area darker in color. Dark spots can also happen in places that are exposed to the sun a lot. So if you are going out in the sun often, you might develop them. Don’t worry, as we have incorporated all the preventative measures below which you can follow.

How Do Dark Spots Happen?

Dark spots are areas on the skin with increased melanin secretion. As melanin gives us our hair, skin and eye colours, overproduction of melanin leads to discoloration on the skin. There can be a number of reasons for the appearance of dark spots. The most common being sun exposure. Others include hormonal changes, side effects of medication, inflammatory reaction, wound healing, skin irritation and diabetes. 

What Needs To Be Done For Dark Spots?

Dark spots are a very natural phenomenon. It can happen due to aging and hormonal changes in your body. Here are a few tips on how you can prevent them.

1. Use Sun protection 

Staying protected from the sun is very important to prevent dark spots. Whenever you step out, put on sunscreen. It is better if you use one with an SPF of at least 30. Use hats and sunglasses. Try and stay in the shade. Most importantly, never miss out on sunscreen even on cloudy days or in the winter season.

2. Avoid heat
Heat is the main cause of dark spots. Heating leads to denaturation of proteins which give rise to dark spots and hyperpigmentation. So it’s best if you stay away from heat. Avoid hot spas like hot yoga and saunas. There are better options to get relaxed and not put your skin at risk.

3. Prevent inflammation 
One main reason for dark spots is skin inflammation. There are several reasons for inflammation like eczema, acne etc. Inflammation also occurs when there is any injury to your skin. So avoid irritating and injuring your skin. Don’t pick at your breakouts as it can also lead to inflammation too. 

4. Use Vitamin C

Vitamin C is a magic ingredient for your skin. Vitamin C leads to production of collagen and elastin. These proteins help delay aging and prevent dark spots. Vitamin C also protects skin from sun damage thus decreasing chances of dark spots. It can effectively reduce hyperpigmentation so if you want to reduce your dark spots, definitely use vitamin c.

5. Use products that even out skin tone
Staying out of the sun and using sunscreen will definitely help prevent dark spots. But if you want to go the extra mile, then use products that even out skin tone. These products decrease production of melanin and can fade existing dark spots. Ingredients like retinoids, vitamin c, Kojic acid, glycolic acid etc are ideal for evening out skin tone. 

What Additional Precautions Can Be Done For Dark Spots?

Using sunscreen is number one when it comes to prevention of dark spots. But if it is happening due to any medication then you can consult with a doctor to stop that medication. Hormonal changes can also cause dark spots. So for further prevention it is best to consult a dermatologist. They can help with any other underlying causes of dark pigmentation. Leading a healthy lifestyle and maintaining a regular skin care routine is very important for healthy skin too.

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