Reasons For Dull & Tired Skin : Do This To Make Your Skin Look Fresh

by Expertish

Healthy and Glowing skin is everyone’s dream but actually a lot of them don’t take the efforts to achieve that glow. As our skin matures, it needs more attention and care. If your skin appears to be ashy, patchy and starts lacking luster then that’s a clear sign of dullness. Just like your body needs nourishment, so does your skin. If you seek for bright, healthy and radiant skin then you need to look after it and maintain it accordingly.

There can be many reasons why your skin doesn’t look fresh and some of these reasons are mentioned below:

Inadequate Sleep

One of the crucial reasons why your skin looks lifeless and dull is because you are sleep deprived. if your body is tired then that will show on your skin. It is an utmost necessity to have a good sleep cycle. Not getting enough of rest can cause puffiness and dark circles. Skin cells repair and restore themselves while you are asleep. And if you are getting less sleep, you are basically hindering this essential process. So to get that natural radiance on your skin, you need yo have enough sleep.

Not Getting Antioxidants

You must have heard the saying “You are what you eat!” So the point here is that diet plays an important role to maintain your skin. It needs the vital nutrients to generate antioxidants. These antioxidants can make your skin glow and stay healthy that’s why it’s necessary to include them in your diet. Dark chocolate, Berries, Beens, Beetroot, Spinach are a few examples of Antioxidant rich foods.

Chronic Stress

With the fast pace lifestyle, what comes along is stress. Staying up late at night , work issues or personal life issues that usually drain you can not only effect your immune system but your skin too. The cortisol level in blood increases with increase in stress and can result in the reduction of blood flow to your skin. Your skin radiance is dimmed automatically and it starts to look dull. This is how your stress can stand in the way of your skin glow.

Overall Dehydration

If your body is dehydrated, then so is your skin. It is important to have adequate amount of water i.e. at least two liters in a day. Even Oily skin can be dehydrated , that’s why it’s important too layer skincare products that are enriched with hyaluronic acid or ceramides. You can also opt for essence or serums that can increase water absorption in your skin and protects your skin barrier.

Ignoring Dead Skin Cells

We know that skin cells keep regenerating and start to stack up. If you don’t remove these dead cells, then they will hide the new and healthy cells. Accumulation of dead skin cells causes bacteria to settle on skin leading to infections. All this affects your skin in a bad way. Physical or Chemical Exfoliation is the best way to get rid of dead skin cells depending on your skin type.

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