Soul Tree Face Cleanser Review: Skicare Product Review

by Expertish

A cleanser is the foundation of your skincare routine. With so many brands coming up with products that have natural ingredients, there are some like SoulTree which not only gives you the benefit of the natural ingredients but also makes sure that your skin barrier is not disrupted as their cleansers are not only gentle but are also free from any petroleum based products or harsh chemicals such as SLS/SLES (sulphate), silicones, paragons, DEA/TEA , phenoxyethanolsand artificial fragrances.


The SoulTree Nutgrass face wash is especially for oily to combination skin. People who have oily skin not only need a cleanser which gets rid of the excess sebum but which also helps keeps the pore clean and prevents any sort of clogging which generally results in acne or blackheads. The key ingredients in this cleanser are Nutgrass, Neem, Turmeric and chamomile.

  • Nutgrass- Nutgrass has been believed to brighten skin tone by preventing melanin production which darkens the complexion.
  • Neem- Neem is known for it’s anti bacterial and anti fungal properties which helps to cure pimples and soothe inflammation.
  • Chamomile- With so many environmental factors degrading our skin’s barrier, our skin needs a soothing agent to not only ease inflammation but also calm down the irritation. Chamomile has been proven to do so and more over it also helps to decongest the pores and protect the skin against free radicals.

So if you are someone who is struggling with your oily/combination/acne prone skin then this face wash will definitely do the job and will keep your skin well prepped for the next step.

BUY NOW Rs 375


The SoulTree Indian Rose face wash is recommended for dry to normal skin. The main concern with Dry skin is that it needs to be cleansed but not squeaky clean. People with dry skin have to be really careful with the face wash/ cleansers they use as , their skin’s barrier can be easily effected if they don’t opt for gentle ones. Along with that they not only need a soothing ingredient but also the one which brightens their skin as dry skin tends to get dull and dehydrated more. This face wash is ideal for that as it is not at all harsh and also gives the skin a ore refreshed and brightened appearance.

  • Turmeric- The presence of turmeric helps with the brightening process which tends to give glow to the skin and its anti- inflammatory process helps in the prevention of blemishes.
  • Rose- Extracts of rose helps to soothe irritation and redness which makes it ideal for dry and sensitive skin
  • Honey- Honey is an all rounder when it comes to skincare. it’s anti bacterial properties help with acne and. breakouts. As it is a humectant it moisturises the skin which is a necessity for dry skin. Additionally it also helps to even out the skin tone.

This face wash is a must for people who have dry skin as it will literally provide your skin with everything from nourishment to moisturization without stripping out the. natural oils of your face.

BUY NOW Rs 375

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snaana March 18, 2020 - 5:40 am

I am a big fan of soultree. I have used their rose water and many other products which look not only organic but comes with fabulas packing 🙂

Expertish March 20, 2020 - 6:22 pm

so true


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