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Makeup is not just a cosmetic thing anymore, it’s a form of joy, art and passion for many people out there but removing it is one hell of a job and sometimes you are also too tired to remove your full glam. This is why makeup removers and wipes became so popular as they save a lot of time and efforts. Companies started manufacturing them in all forms like chemically derived ones or the naturally handmade ones with cold pressed oils. The disadvantage which was experienced by almost everyone was either the dryness of skin caused by the presence of alcohol in them or clogged pores due to comedogenic ingredients. They don’t remove all the traces of makeup and some have artificial fragrances and harmful preservatives which can irritate your eyes. The next thing which became popular and literally replaced all the makeup removers was micellar water.

Micellar Water is a mild surfactant which can be used both as a cleanser and a makeup remover. It is made up of tiny molecules called micelles and can not only remove your makeup but also all that gunk and dirt from your face caused by pollution. The best part of using micellar water is that you don’t have to cleanse your face afterwards as it does the job itself. Another main benefit of using micellar water is that the surfactants in it don’t damage your skin and rip off the natural oils present in it like many regular face washes do.


Micellar water is used by pouring it on a cotton pad and gently clean your face to remove makeup, excess sebum and dirt. One thing you must keep in mind while using micellar water is to buy a good quality one which doesn’t has fragrance and is formulated without alcohols that can make your face dry and dehydrated. Below are the effective benefits of micellar water:

1. REMOVE YOUR MAKEUP WITHOUT ANY FUSS – If you are always lazy to remove your makeup then investing in micellar water will be the best addition to your skincare regime. You can keep it on your bed side along with some cotton pads and your job will be all sorted and easy.

2. GREAT TRAVEL BUDDY- As micellar water serves both the purpose of a cleanser and makeup remover, you can pack it in your suitcase and not worry about taking out the time to have well prepped skin when you are on the go.

3. FRESHEN UP AFTER WORKOUT – It does feels great after an intense and sweaty workout session but when you are done with it, there are all sorts of bacteria sitting on your skin which can clog your pores and make your skin prone to acne and that’s why its necessary to wash your face afterwards. But sometimes you can’t do that due to unavailability of water in your gym or certain other reason , so carrying micellar water is the best solution in that case.

Our absolute and personal favourite brand for micellar water is Bioderma. They have three different types of micellar water which focuses on concerns like sensitive skin, excess sebum and dehydrated skin. You can leave it on your skin after cleansing without being able to worry about any harmful effects. The formula of their micellar water has quite effective ingredients like glycerin which is mild and also has low pH. You need to be careful about certain micellar water available in drugstore as some them can clog your pores due to the presence of low quality surfactants in them.


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