Unexpected Ways To Use Oil Cleansers

by Expertish

Oil cleansers are primarily used as the first cleanse for your face. They are excellent to get rid of excess oil and dirt from your face. But what happens when you indulge in some impulse-buy and purchase an oil cleanser by mistake? Instead of throwing away your cleanser, you can actually use it in several different ways. So don’t worry if you bought an oil cleanser and now have no use for it as you found that your skin does well without it. Read on to find out some unique uses of an oil cleanser outside of on your face.

1. Cleaning makeup brushes

Oil cleansers are tough cleaning products. So they can easily get rid of all the oil-based makeup products from your brushes. If you are someone who washes their brushes after a long time, you will be amazed how effective oil cleansers are when it comes to cleaning makeup brushes. Simply use a good amount of oil cleanser on your brushes and soak them well. Work the cleanser into the bristles and then hold the brushes under running water. Enjoy watching all that make-up run off your makeup brushes as the oil emulsifies. For better cleansing, after this use a water based cleanser to get the best results.

2. Remove deodorant residue

If you are a regular user of deodorants then you know how stubborn deodorant residues are. They stick around even after a good cleanse in the shower. And the magic product that can easily get rid of them is oil cleanser. It unclogs the pores and also brightens and smoothens skin. So you can get rid of dry and rough underarm skin with oil cleansers. 

3. Make shaving easier and smoother

Shaving is a huge task. It can often be painful and you may not get that smooth and soft skin you have been coveting. Most of us use body wash as shaving cream. It is usually because we do not want to purchase a shaving cream and spend the extra bucks. But body washes are not ideal for a good shave. There are those razor bumps everyone hates. But did you know that using oil cleansers are a great supplement for shaving cream?

Just spread a few pumps of oil cleanser onto your dry leg and notice the difference. Oil cleanser allows the razor to glide smoothly on the skin. It allows you to have a closer shave and smoother finish as the oil emulsifies under water when you are done with it.

4. Make a DIY exfoliating scrub

An easy DIY which you can do with your oil cleanser to get smooth and soft skin easily. Just use any kind of gentle granulated ingredient suitable for your skin t and add it to a few pumps of your oil cleanser. It acts as a gentle exfoliant which sloughs off the dead skin cells, oil and grime off your face. 

5. Use as a blackhead remover

Black heads are irritating and unpleasant. Removing them is even more irritating and painful. The oil cleanser works as a barrier and allows a comedone remover to slide over your skin with ease. This reduces the amount of redness and inflammation. Don’t press too hard while extracting the comedone as it may damage the skin. 

So if you have bought an oil cleanser by mistake don’t throw it away but utilize it in other ways.

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