What Are Ice Rollers And Are They Worth The hype?

by Expertish

Face Rollers must be the most popular beauty tools of all time and inspired by that, the newest rage in the beauty world are the ice face rollers. You must have heard about it and seen many beauty influencers use it in their videos even a few celebrities too. It sounds pretty amazing and they look quite aesthetic too, but are the skin-care results legitimate? Below is our take on the benefits of Facial Ice Rollers :

What Is An ice roller?

For those who do not know, an ice face roller is a simple beauty tool used to cool the skin. Popularly known for a handy cryotherapy (cold skin therapy), using an ice roller is rather simple. They consist of both gel and water which turns to ice in the freezer, so that it does not melt as fast as an ice cube. All you have to do is take the ice face roller out of the freezer and roll it over your face. It can be used as part of your everyday skincare routine or occasionally when you want to depuff in the morning. Ice rollers can be used to rejuvenate your tired skin, depuffing, temporary lifting and to energize your skin. 

Are Ice Rollers Actually Helpful?

There is limited scientific explanation and lack of clinical evidence to prove the efficacy of ice rollers on your skin. But they can stimulate the lymphatic system of your face essentially giving a cooling effect to your skin. The ice cold temperature helps to reduce puffiness, toxins and reduce muscle tension. It can also be used to lessen inflammation and the visibility of broken capillaries.

The massaging action helps to flush out excess fluid, constricts blood vessels which leaves the skin looking tighter, fresher and brighter but this effect is temporary. They cannot contour your face or reduce the facial fat. It is a simple way to get great and healthy looking skin in just a few minutes.

How To Use The Ice Roller Effectively To Get Maximum Benefits?

There are, obviously, some things you must keep in mind while using an ice roller. When using an ice roller, make sure you use it in an upward motion and begin from the center of your face and move outward. Remember not to apply too much pressure to the roller as it could bruise or irritate your skin. Always keep the roller moving. If it stays at the same place for too long it can lead to ice burns. When you roll your delicate under eye area do so very gently. However you shouldn’t roll the tops of your eyes as it may lead to some kind of injury.

Our Take On The Effects Of An Ice Roller

The effects of an ice roller are many but all are temporary. You can use ice rollers especially when your skin is inflamed, puffy, or swollen. Maybe after a late-night out partying or after a heavy rich meal. You can include the ice roller in your everyday skin care routine as it does have some enticing skin-enhancing effects.

In some cases, though you should avoid face rolling. Like after taking fillers or injections or after any surgery on your face.

Using ice rollers can give you a short term gain but aren’t a permanent fix to your skin concerns. However it is the most convenient and easy way of reducing redness and puffiness of your skin. You can definitely use it to get tighter, fresher and brighter skin instantly.

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